Vue Owners Manuals. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Saturn Vue automobile Saturn Vue Owners Manuals · Saturn Vue. View and Download Saturn Vue owner’s manual online. Saturn Vue Automobile Owner’s Manual. Vue Automobile pdf manual download. : Saturn Vue Owners Manual: Saturn: Books.

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Press this button to access the DVD menu. If one of the wheels is about to stop rolling, the computer will separately work the sathrn at each wheel.

Saturn Corporation Saturn Parkway Key In the Ignition Never leave your vehicle with the keys inside, as it is an easy target for joy riders or thieves. The traction control system warning light may come on for the following reasons: To access, pull the cover towards the rear of the vehicle.

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Page To adjust between Fahrenheit and Celsius, do the following: Checking the Restraint Systems. Automatic Transaxle Fluid 3. In a crash, the child could be seriously injured or killed. A tire marked C may have poor traction performance. The Online Owner Center allows you to: Vud a tire can be dangerous.

Tune your senses to different kinds of signals. By this time, the coolant level inside the coolant surge tank may be lower. Remember we are only a phone call away. In a sudden stop or collision, loose equipment could strike someone. Let the heater run for a while. Page Section 3 Malfunction Indicator Lamp Cross the safety chains under the tongue of the trailer so that the tongue will not drop to the road if it becomes separated from the hitch. Leaving children in a vehicle with the ignition key is dangerous for many reasons, children or others could be badly Some electrical equipment can damage your vehicle and the damage would not be covered by your warranty.


Service and Miles Kilometers Inspect fuel system for damage or leaks.

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Here are some things to consider. If so, your electrical system may be wet.

To clean, use the following instructions: Then go to the front of the vehicle and lift up on the secondary hood release lever. Here a child is sitting in a seat that has a lap-shoulder belt, but the shoulder part is behind the child. The taillamps, sidemarker and other lamps will not be on. Normal Maintenance Replacement Parts. Reverse the above steps to stow the dividers and close the cargo organizer.

However, an external audio device such as an iPod, laptop computer, MP3 player, CD changer, or cassette tape player, etc.

Headlamp Aiming The visual optical headlamp aiming system has been preset at the xaturn and should need no further adjustment. Genuine Saturn parts have one of these marks. Gasoline Octane Use regular unleaded gasoline with a posted octane rating of 87 or higher.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp Check Engine Light Your vehicle has a computer which monitors operation of the fuel, ignition, and emission control systems. To set for a shorter or longer delay between wipes, turn the other band with the larger arrow woners to the numbers 1, 2, or 3.

In about vuee shape, nothing is missing, just an older book. Audio System s Audio System s Determine which radio your vehicle has and then read the pages following to familiarize yourself with its features.


Brake Wear Your vehicle has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. We reserve the right to make changes after that time without further notice. Cupholder s Your vehicle has a removable cupholder liner and cupholder located inside the center console storage area. See Scheduled Maintenance on page The belt is twisted across the body.

Highway Hypnosis Is there actually such a condition as highway hypnosis? Look for any other loose or damaged safety belt system parts. If you have not found a problem yet, check to see if coolant is visible in the surge tank. Refer to the child restraint instructions 2007 the following steps: Make sure the release button is positioned so you would be able to unbuckle staurn safety belt quickly if you ever had to.

Saturn Vue Owners Manuals

The engine woners dipstick handle is a yellow loop for the 2. See Airbag System on page Restraint System Check Checking the Restraint Systems Now and then, make sure the safety belt reminder light and all your belts, buckles, latch plates, retractors and anchorages are working properly.

The roads may be slippery if this light comes on. Driving across an incline that is too steep will make your vehicle roll over. There could be something in your lane, like a stalled car or an accident.