Written by Coelius Sedulius (d c ) in iambic dimeter. This hymn, which is used for Lauds during the Christmas season, is the first seven verses of a much. A solis ortus cardine (Gregorian Chant) Work Title, Hymnus A Solis Ortus Cardine. Alternative. Title. Composer, Gregorian Chant. I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat . Information about the hymn tune A SOLIS ORTUS CARDINE.

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At His coming in humility at the manger in Bethlehem, Our Lord, who sustains and feeds even the loweliest creature, suffers cold and hunger. He spake the word: He lives, He lies no longer in the tomb. With pious reverance and poetic paradox, the singer meditates on Our Lord’s Incarnation within the immaculate temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A close-barred maiden’s inner parts Were breached by the grace of heaven; Burdened was the maiden’s solia With secrets that she did not soliz.

The heavenly chorus z, and the angels sing God’s praise, and to the shepherds is now made known the Shepherd who is the creator of all. Blessed creator of the world Assuming the body of a slave, Freeing our flesh with his own flesh That what he made might not be lost.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 1 Octoberat Page 1 of A solis in German breviary, Innsbruck In that chaste parent’s holy womb, celestial grace hath found its home: P etrus per undas ambulat christi levatus dextera: The water in the ewers turned red, And, when ordered to pour with wine, The csrdine of the flow was changed. Dutch translation Vanwaar de zon opgaat tot aan het einde van de aarde laten wij zingen voor Christus, onze vorst die geboren is uit de maagd Maria.

Streams of flowing gore were stopped, With one touch ccardine His robes; The running tears of the suppliant Dried up the torrents of blood.

Come let us with dulcet hymns Join to sing of the overthrow Of Tartarus by the triumph of Christ Who, though sold, redeemed us all. Then that hangman Judas, Having dared betray his master, Peace did offer with a kiss, Which came not from his heart.


H ostis herodes impie, christum venire quid times? Below is the text of A solis ortus cardine with the eleven verses translated into English by Solsi Mason Neale in the nineteenth century. Retrieved from ” https: Caste parentis viscera, Celestis intrat gratia; Venter puelle baiulat, Secreta que non noverat.

A solis ortus cardine (Gregorian Chant)

She laboured and then brought forth The Carddine foretold by Gabriel; John, still in his mother’s womb, Sensed it, as he leapt with joy. The manger and the straw he bore, the cradle did he not zolis The first seven verses, with a doxology verse by a different writer, were used from the ortks Middle Ages onwards as a Christmas hymn.

Polyphony of this kind became less common during the reign of Edward VIwhen the English Reformation resulted in choirs being disbanded and organs dismantled. The Blessed Creator of the world, Took a docile body, So that, by the flesh He could liberate flesh, Saving from loss what He had made.

Views Read View source View history. The pure and undefiled one Conceived in her womb the Son. He takes no earthly realms away Who gives the crown that lasts for aye.

He bore with lying in the hay, He did not scorn the manger, And on a little milk He fed, Who let no bird in want of food. Views Read Edit View history. The heavenly choir was glad And angels of God’s coming sang, To the shepherds they did unfold Cardibe Shepherd and Maker of all things. A solis ortus cardine is a Latin hymn, written in the first half of the fifth century crdine the early Christian poet Sedulius.


Beatus auctor saeculi servile corpus induit, ut carne carnem liberans non perderet quod condidit. Solie oeno iacere pertulit, praesepe non abhorruit, parvoque lacte pastus est per quem nec ales esurit. Languages Deutsch Nederlands Svenska Edit links.


In Palestrina set the odd verses A,C,E,G in Hymni totius anni careine Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae consuetudinem, necnon hymni religionuma collection of hymns composed for the Vatican ; liturgical practice was for the even verses to be sung in Gregorian plainchant. It was also set by Bach in his chorale cantata Christum wir sollen loben schon and his cardien prelude BWV Solie mnis, venite, dulcibus omnes canamus subditum christi triumpho tartarum, qui nos redemit venditus.

Neale Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina odd vv. Beatus auctor saeculi Servile corpus induit, Ut carne carnem liberans Non perderet quod condidit. The mansion of the modest breast Becomes a shrine where God shall rest: Why, impious Herod, vainly fear that Christ the Saviour cometh solls M iraculis dedit fidem habere se deum patrem, infirma sanans corpora et suscitans cadavera. Texts Latin texts Translations English translations Translations with attribution Hungarian translations Dutch translations German translations Text pages.

See Christum wir sollen loben schon. On his fourth malodorous day, Lazarus recovered his life, And, once freed from the shackles of death, Became heir unto himself.

A Solis Ortus Cardine

He who is the King of Kings and Almighty Creator of all the universe condescends to walk amongst sinful men, living and dying so that we may be redeemed by Him. There have been monastic translations into Anglo-Saxon and later translations into other languages, most notably the German versification of Martin Luther during the Reformation.

Verses 8, 9, 11 and 13 of Sedulius’ poem were also used, with an added doxology, as “Hostis Herodes impie”, a hymn cardibe the Epiphany. Privacy policy About ChoralWiki Disclaimers.

Clausae 1 parentis viscera Caelestis intrat gratia; Venter puellae baiulat Secreta quae non noverat. Part of A solis [5] with Anglo-Saxon glossDurham11th century. K aterva matrum personat conlisa deflens pignora, quorum tyrannus milia christo sacravit victimam.