Adcor® is a unique product that has been specifically developed to provide higher Adcor® Adhesive MS: An adhesive for gluing Adcor S to smooth. Adcor® S. Product Description. A conformable, swellable polymer/butyl rubber waterstop strip that expands in contact with water. When fully encapsulated by. GCP can also uniquely provide continuity of swellable waterstops at construction joint/movement joint intersections. This is achieved by linking Adcor S with.

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Adcor® S | Structural Waterproofing and Membranes | Grace

Dual Seal Waterstop can adcro applied to green concrete and in damp conditions. Serviseal is an externally cast waterstop that prevents moisture ingress at joints of floor 50s0 of water retaining structures and protects reinforcement bars from corrosion. Safe handling and storage The right first aid measures Protect people close to you.

A high performance self adhesive membrane for a range of waterproofing applications in- cluding basements and substructures. Price Hyload SA Primer. Please note that NBS product guidance is not a replacement for the manufacturer’s literature and 5000s is recommended that GCP Applied Technologies be consulted before specifying. Adcor S Product Code: Supercast SW20 is a heavy duty hydrophilic swellable waterstop also used for grade 3 or 4 asements.

Price Proofex Angle Fillet 50mm.

It has a high flow capacity to alleviate hydrostatic pressure on below ground structures and has a high puncture resistance. Visqueen High Performance Tanking Primer is a black, elastomeric bituminous priming solution designed to prepare surfaces prior to the application of Visqueen self adhesive and torch applied damp proofing and tanking membranes.

Release of the trigger enables the fire 500x to go into its original.

All vertical surfaces should be primed using Membrane Primer. Vandex BB75 is a tanking slurry also known as a waterproofing slurry for basement and cellar waterproofing applications. Price Visqueen Treadguard Protection Fleece. Bituthene is a flexible preformed waterproof membrane combining a high performance cross laminated, HDPE carrier film with a unique super sticky self adhesive rubber bitumen compound.

No priming is necessary if PU cut- ba c k bead i s f irmly secure to the body aperture and freshly trimmed up to 2 hours.

Price Dualseal Bentonite Membrane. Double Drain is a cold applied, high density polyethylene profiled sheet, incorporating a permeable geotextile filter fabric, designed to prevent ground water reaching the structure.


Price Serviseal AT Waterstop. Polypropylene non – woven filter fabric encapsulating a 25 mm studded drainage core. Capable of resisitng a hydrostatic head when fully supported up to 1m of water. Febtank Super, when mixed with clean water, forms an extremely durable waterproof coating for concrete and masonry which is easily applied by a stiff hand brush, broom or spray. The strip can be easily installed by nailing 4 to 5 nails per metre or glued with Contact Adhesive, Adckr Mastic or Bentoglue.

In basement refurbishment applicationsVandex BB75 is normally applied to the internal walls and floor of the basement. Price Proofex Protection Board.

Adcor® 500S

It can also be used as a pointing surface sealer. The swelling property allows the RIW Waterstop repairs to form a permanent pressure seal within the concrete joint, thus eliminating water migration over or along the waterstop. The product can adccor used as a fully bonded damp proofing membrane and as Type A Barrier Membrane protection within a structural waterproofing system designed to be compliant with the guidance of BS It consists of a strong synthetic fibre fabric impregnated and coated both sides with a butyl adhesive, which is protected adfor a removable siliconised paper.

Hydrotite CJ adcog the most popular format and is commonly used to provide a high-performance water-stop in large concrete structures. IKO Hyload Tanking Membrane HD is flexible SBS polymer modified torch applied bitumen sheet material with an added tough non-woven polyester surface giving additional protection against damage from backfilling operations, and can also be beneficial in binding with subsequent concreting operations.

Danger from liquids escaping under pressure and contamination with spray [ We understand that during preliminary questioning for the purposes of identification or immediate safety issues — such as when a police officer asks a motorist his or her name or stops a person on the street who is carryi ng a gun — t hat it is impracticable to expect a lawyer to attend.

Ideal permanent waterproofing system for basements, cellars, pools, reservoirs and below ground level applications. RIW Structureseal is a bentonite sheet waterproofing composite of high swelling Sodium Bentonite encapsulated between a non-woven and woven geotextile.

Price Visqueen Torchon Membrane. VOLTEX contains zero VOC, can be installed in almost any weather conditions to green concrete, and most importantly, has proven effective on both new and remedial waterproofing projects worldwide. The material is also used to provide fillets at internal corners prior to application of other RIW membranes.


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A two component bituminous liquid membrane for waterproofing of underground structures and intricate details in conjunction with Proofex waterproofing systems. Double Drain can also be used to provide excellent protection to a primary waterproofing system, against backfilling and mechanical damage. I strongly believe that health and safety is the 050s of every single employer.

Price Cetco Voltex Membrane 1. First, choose the form factor that is best for your application:.

It can be used both vertically and horizontally above and below ground level to prevent the ingress of water. In this way, the quality of t h e bead o f a dhesive is monitored in-process, all the measured values are recorded and displayed on the station controller and are also available for quality management afterwards. A robust bitumen board comprising a hard bitumen compound coated one side with 050s paper and one side with printed polyethylene film.

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Waterpoofs substrates up to 7 bars of pressure, ideal for contact with potable water. 500 Hydroduct Coil. Other content by this manufacturer: Please select either yes or no to receiving news and offers from us. The product is designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure, by promoting the flow of ground water away from the face of the structure to land drainage.

Used for taping and sealing butt joints between Adcod protection boards. RIW LAC is a two coat, cold applied bitumen damp proofing membrane, which dries to a uniform gloss black finish. Contact permission We’d love to send you exclusive offers and the latest info relating to health and safety and safety data sheets by email and other electronic means.