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If you know that you are working with only p material, then the Hi5 will work, but that means if you need to layoff psf to tape, aaj Dreamcolor engine will be by passed during tape layoff as the Kona can’t output p and psf at the same time.

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I sometimes switch to monitor 24p video in 48Hz instead of 60Hz. Find what event is right for you.

AJA Hi5 3G vs. AJA HDP2

This allows large facilities to use a single location to calibrate and then deploy those monitors throughout the facility. Our stores No Trouble Brussels Phone: In this event we will always do our utmost to keep you fully informed of any delay imposed. For appropriate monitor configurations, scaling is automatically 1 to 1 -for example, displaying x video on a WUXGA x monitor. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product.


Using a very high quality scaling engine and de-interlacer, the HDP2 will automatically size 4: Doing this single step results in the creation of the aforementioned user calibration ICC.

The HDP2 will also automatically adapt the input frame rate for monitor compatibility. Seems that may have only been in the the initial release. I am hoping I don’t have to buy another box.

AJA HDP2 Hd/sd-sdi to Dvi-d Video and Audio Converter | eBay

Dhp2 HDP2 is designed for general monitoring, perfect for use in applications such as: General post-production reference monitoring, Client monitoring, Presentation, Projection, Corporate displays, Kiosk applications Am I missing something? From a post by Shawn Larkin on Feb 27, at Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive offers and the latest news on our products and services. Don’t forget, if you are starting with a MacOS-generated profile to enable Native Gamma instead of that silly 1.

Hi5 3G won’t provide the always progressive output the Dreamcolor requires. Hd2p you know you will be all p all the time, the lhi will work just ducky. Here’s how “hot plug detection” works on the Mac.

Aja HDP2 Converter | eBay

Firmware updates can’t be done on a Mac, so you’ll need a computer running MS Windows. What format is your timeline?

The HDP2 is designed for general monitoring, perfect for use hddp2 applications such as: The thing is with the LHi and the DreamColor that, it’ll always work per se, but if you want to make sure you’re in Rec. Brightness on the DreamColor sense literally changes the overall back light brightness of the monitor.


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AJA HDP2 HD-SDI/SDI to DVI-D and Audio Converter

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Have you found it cheaper? Apple’s Color Sync architecture never expected to encounter a aka that could switch its color spaces on the fly. If you are editing a project, monitor it 1: If that user calibration file exists and was active Display Profile the last time that monitor was used, it does NOT use the newly-created profile, but instead uses the user-created profile.

Got tired of sending all my hard earned to Sony and Ikegami. Thanks for the help, Jeremy! Download from the App Store. Hi Jeremy, I just purchased a Dreamcolor monitor and I’m setting it up now.