View and Download Akai XR10 operator’s manual online. 16 bit pcm drum machine. XR10 Music Equipment pdf manual download. This page contains information about the Operator’s Manual for the XR10 from Akai. Preview and download studio quality samples from the AKAI XR Download samples and manuals from some of the best electronic instruments.

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Will it end up being overshadowed by Cheetah’s MD16 drum machine, which is more sophisticated and yet significantly cheaper? Each Preset Sound has 12 parameters: Akai’s drum machine also has 32 User Sound locations which can be used as copy locations when you want to create more than one version of a Preset Zkai.

A more informative error message than “Oops!

Documents, presets, manuals Akai XR10 – Audiofanzine

The XR10 also has presets of another kind, namely preset rhythms. The aforementioned User Sound locations can be very useful here, as they allow you to create several versions of a Sound which can then be assigned to different instrument pads.

Akai XR xr100 out of based on 1 user ratings.

Cleaning with alcohol or various stuff will do nothing and can worsen situation for sure, best solution is electro conductive solution. Here the XR10 scores by offering a very creditable 99 of the programmable kind.

The Mode pad in the lower half of the front panel cycles you around the XR10’s four modes – Pattern, Song, Sound and Utility – while the Edit pad takes you in and out of the edit pages in Song and Maunal modes. All this can go on within one Song step if you want, but the idea is more that you can repeat sections within manuap within sections of a Song – providing you can keep track of what you’re doing.

Akai XR-10

As well as being able to repeat each individual step up to seven times, you can bracket any individual step or series of steps and repeat the step s within the brackets up to three times; in fact, you can nest up to three levels of brackets, each of which can be repeated up to three times.


Talking of erasing things, amnual you play a ninth note on a beat in real-time record that is exceed the XR10’s eight-note polyphony the drum machine simply erases the earliest note you played on that beat.

The Preset Sounds themselves are consistently impressive, and offer a good deal of variety in the kit and Mankal percussion departments – though not much of anything else. Next article in this issue Tears For Fears. In real-time record you can set the metronome click rate from ,anual to 16th notes or off and the record quantisation from quarter to 48th notes or off – maximum resolution ; these values can be changed at any time, so you’re not limited to one quantisation value per pattern, and you can switch off the metronome after you’ve put down a beat.

If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps! Now, as long as you Stop the drum machine nanual selecting different patterns the new tempo will be selected, but when you change patterns while the drum machine is playing in Pattern Play or Song Play modes the tempo isn’t updated.

Expanding the spontaneity of the preset ethos into the programmable world wouldn’t go amiss – and selecting rhythms by tapping a pad certainly offers a more spontaneous alternative to the usual practice of entering pattern numbers via a numeric keypad. The number of bars per pattern also comes into the equation. The XR10 allows a very ready interaction between Preset and User rhythms in both Pattern and Song modes, but sadly this doesn’t extend to being able to select User rhythms from the front-panel pads as you can Preset rhythms.

Not that Akai have ignored the drum machine.

Other Media Files : Akai XR10

In fact, Akai’s new budget drum machine is both – akao it combine the best of both worlds? Of course, whether or not you can actually record that many patterns depends on the amount of memory available and on how minimal or otherwise your patterns are – unless the drum machine adopts a fixed-memory approach to recording which the XR10 doesn’t.


XR is frequently modded with circuit bending process akia the ROM wavetable – recommanded for people mwnual enjoy glitch and weird digital noises. Whereas the variations always start playing from the beginning of a bar, you can drop in a fill-in or break rhythm from xd10 crotchet in the bar. In practice, there are many irritating aspects of the XR10’s user interface, but whoever decided that the XR10 should default to Preset pattern 01 every time you enter Pattern mode or return to the pattern play level from the edit level, should definitely be shot.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been, because I’d just previously copied the pattern and was recording into the copy. The time between MIDI note on and note off transmission is quite short, so you might find that you need to tailor the amplitude envelope s of any external synth sound s that you want to play in this way.

Akai XR10 (MT Jun 90)

The 24 rubber pads spread manua, the lower part of the XR10’s front panel include 15 non-dynamic pads for triggering the Sounds – an already healthy number which is effectively expanded to by the inclusion of ten Pad Banks, or “drumkits”, the first five of which have fixed Sound-to-pad assignments.

There are significant advantages to creating rhythm parts in a MIDI sequencer as opposed to a drum machine, and significant advantages to being able to draw on your own library of sampled drum sounds as opposed to a collection of sounds provided for you by a manufacturer.

qkai PROS – some great samples – old school. Gear in this article: Well, with the XR10 it’s strange but true. Fun and weird XR10 video from Japan: The XR10’s maximum record resolution is 96ppqn.