Elements of Programming. Alexander Stepanov and Paul McJones. (Addison- Wesley Professional, June ). Decomposing programs into a system of. Bjarne Stroustrup, Designer of C++ “I am happy to see the content of Alex’s course, the Elements of Programming provides a different understanding of. Elements of Programming. Authors: Alexander Stepanov The book shows that algorithms implemented in a real programming language, such as C++, can.

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Looking forward to the task of slowly working my way through it. It’s the first and only rigorous foundation of software engineering that I’ve seen. Nor is it a compilation of tips and tricks for incremental improvements in your programming skills.

Exhaustive overview of the entire field of machine learning. This book sets out to redress this imbalance. It may appear as a highly technical text intended only for computer scientists, but it should be required reading for all practicing software engineers.

Never use new and delete or malloc and free. Partition and Merging But remember that this is not an easy book, I’ve met eements smart people who told me they read only a part of this and are still wrapping their heads around that. Exceptions still happen in C.

Thank you very much to both of you, those suggestions are exactly what was asked for. Programming Conversations is another great lecture series by Alexander Stepanov: Coordinates with Mutable Successors 9.

The book elemetns also interesting if you are doing any sort of UI interfaces, because UI interfaces are definitely just a subset of graphical visualizations. Except in the simplest cases, you should try to use them instead of writing your own loops. Favorite Stepanov quote below – apparently mixing mathematics and bad fish is quite potent: Has stfpanov here tried to explore the contents of this book in either Swift or Rust?


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Here are some random tips if you’re coming from C or Java: He takes a simple number theoretic algorithm, considers what properties are required for it to work, then generalizes it and applies it in other useful and surprising cases. It’s part of the standard libary. Note that some of these are rehashes of my earlier comments. View table of contents. Good ideas are often reinvented by different people in different contexts: Have you ever wondered what’s the relationship between machine learning and logic?

Edit — Another tip: After reading this, Tufte just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Elements of Programming

Giving devs a way out of ObjC is a pretty big draw: Unfortunately basically all of the modern algorithms literature seems to avoid even the tiniest peogramming of abstraction; it makes the subject so much harder to hold in your head! The book’s value is more fundamental and, ultimately, more critical for insight into programming.

While in the hospital, in the state of delirium, I suddenly realized that the ability to add numbers in parallel depends on the fact that addition is associative.

Elements of Programming Alexander A. I don’t reject destructive updates that are compatible with persistence e.

What is the origin of STL? Not released yet but I’ve been reading the drafts and it’s a nice intro to machine learning using modern ML frameworks, TensorFlow and Scikit-Learn. Members programmming my advanced development team at Adobe who took the course based on the same material all benefited greatly from the time invested.


I try to write code that I think C programmers can read. Not done with the book but despite it’s age, hands down best intro to category theory if you care about it only for CS purposes as it tries to show how to apply the concepts. As the codebases grow, and these functionalities diverge even further, pulling the reigns in on the chaos becomes gradually impossible. Elemengs book presents a number of algorithms and programminv for types on which they are defined.

Elements of Programming: the book

In he received the Dr. It looks so much like Kotlin, I am not sure I understand the fuss over it other than it gives Apple devs a way out of ObjC. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Elekents major premise is that practical programming, like other areas of science and engineering,must be based on a solid mathematical foundation.

Also I’m starting to think that generic programming might actually be the most powerful paradigm out there this is just a hunch. Programming languages are for elrments to read.

I’d upvote you more if I could.