A collection of comic strips by the internationally-acclaimed graphic-literary talent Alison Bechdel offers an acerbically funny insight into the. Paul said: Alison Bechtel’s Fun Home was regarded by the big gorgonzolas of For twenty-five years Bechdel’s path-breaking Dykes to Watch Out For strip has. Cartoonist Alison Bechdel returned to her newspaper roots this Since I stopped drawing Dykes to Watch Out For at the tail end of the Bush.

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Refresh and try again. Everyone else, there was always something that kept me from really liking them.

Even Mo had grown on me by the end. Nov 29, Erik rated it really liked it.

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Absolutely the best book by Alson Bechdel. Reading the series in its entirety is both fascinating and distressing – you see the characters, as well as Bechdel’s art and politics grow and mature before your eyes, but you also realize that it’s only taken you a few days to read through 30 years of an artists life.

It also doesn’t include the bonus materials found in many of the smaller collections.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Also, I’m not big on Drama based on people cheating on each other and that was a big part of the book so I’m just not a fan. A Never read this “essential” collection, but have read several of the individual volumes, and once upon a time, even read some of the strips as they came out in various cities I lived in around the U.

Bad things happen to these people and they often do not-so-nice things to each other as well. Hardcoverpages.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. You must have done some work with little or no redeeming social value?

Mo was not supposed to be Harry Potter. I particularly would like to see Janis bechrel up, but she’s probably not going to be played by someone who’s had previous roles. I think a half-hour format would work best, but I could be persuaded to give it an hour. It’s not enough but it’s wonderful.

I loved watching the characters grow-up and negotiate their personal politics with the realities of their lives. I was interested equally in how they hurt each other and how they loved each other. See all 69 reviews. Back inwhen Alison Bechdel first proposed a formula that women could use to pick movies, she couldn’t have imagined she’d be known for the “Bechdel Test” three decades later. View all 4 comments. Looking at an important fod 90’s strip where Clarice and Toni have a commitment ceremony in their backyard, it’s astonishing to note that a relatively scant 24 years later gay marriage is legal in over 30 states and queer people having children and raising families has become more and more normalized albeit with the same tiresome right wing backlashers continually lined up in opposition.


The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel

The tone of the show will be smart comedy with some drama mixed in, just like the comic. Views Read Edit View history. I followed “Dykes to Watch Out For” from the time it first appeared in Minneapolis’ Equal Time newspaper in all the way until Alison Bechdel terminated the strip in The lives of these characters are so fully realized that the pets who just linger in the background evolve, grow old, and die too.

And if you’ve read everything and just want the latest book – you won’t be disappointed with everything else included.

I know that “Dykes” is an important work of queer art, but leaving it out of the comic section entirely seems reductive. Dykes to Watch Out For is one of the greatest serial stories ever published. Like I get thats how some people felt back then and all and it’s interesting to see how far we’ve come but I just didn’t feel like it offered much to me as a reader, if that makes sense.

It is still, in a way, gritty, and depressingly similar to the way things are today with regard to worrying about conservatism’s effect on our lifestyles and safety. It’s like he’s actually saying something!

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. The stories are personal, political, philosophical, poignant, and enough with the p’s funny. She must have sat there quietly at countless consensus-building sessions with her notebook and pen observing every nuance. But one I settled in I really enjoyed it. In her hilarious, probing illustrated introduction, Alison looks at these changes, and like her characters, wonders what we have lost by these gains.


It’s reading about people fighting for equality, while 15 fucking years later we are still repeating the same slogans. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. If you liked this, make sure to follow me on Goodreads for more reviews! People always mention its politics, particularly its treatment of different races and genders.

That might be cause its a comic strip and stuff, but it just didn’t do for a great reading experience. It’s just such an obvious difference that I sometimes wonder how the defenders of oversexualized modern comics can claim their depictions are just nudity.

The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For

Read more Read less. She tends to be very possessive of her in-group, which she identifies as the lesbian community, and is pretty ignorant sometimes when it comes to trans folks at one point even calling a trans lesbian “a man who became a woman” and bisexual folks accusing them of wanting access to the community while chatting merrily about having sex with men.

With the latter, Bechdel was clearly pouring out scenes she had firmly established in her mind. Even though the strip is told from multiple perspectives, I couldn’t help but read it all through Mo’s point of view. How spectacular to finally find nearly all of Dykes to Watch Out For in one volume there are omissions, but not very many, and the exclusions were carefully chosen so as not to disrupt plot lines. Bechdel’s sense of humor is all over the histrionics of her hyper-learned and hyper self-aware characters, but there are also serious and important conversations to be found here.

The Ides of Trump. DTWOF chronicled the lives, loves, and politics of a fairly diverse group of characters most of them lesbians living in a medium-sized city in the United States, featuring both humorous soap opera storylines and biting topical commentary.