Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. belongs to Beximco Group, the largest private This report titled “Financial Statement Analysis of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in . Table Year. Beximco. Square. It is a broadly described annual report of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited in the year of During the year under review, overall sales of the company. It is a broadly described annual report of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited in the year of Sales revenue in the year crossed BDT billion with a.

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The increasing aged population globally, significant demographic shift, would result in the global pharmaceutical market registering a healthy growth over the next decade.

Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

The global pharmaceutical industry as well as the Bangladeshi pharmaceutical industry has moved a long way in the last ten years. BPL pharmaa that the shareholder wealth maximization.

From the above chart Table-3 we can see that Cash Ratio in of Beximco is more than Square and same result has seen in and To relate the theoretical learning with the real life situation. Trade license of the company including the International selling. The five-member Executive Committee is headed by Mr. Given the changes in the business environment, the need for product diversification is very important.

BPL starts to provide promotional back up from the launching date of new products. Being a leading Pharmaceutical company in the country it employs a good number of people in different departments to keeps its business thriving.

Financial Statement Analysis of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd – Assignment Point

The size of the retail market reached BDT Since then, the journey continued, and today, Beximco Pharmaceutical is a repoft manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceuticals in the country, winning National Export Trophy Gold a record four times. The unit price of each medicine is calculated by batch wise.


Achieved the highest sales growth among the top ten pharmaceuticals companies. The study was also tried to identify and analyze the various expenses incurred by the BPL in an accounting year. Corporate tax, Employee tax, Salary Tax and Income tax of the company. There were huge scopes to work in the field of the report.

Table compares the indicators with other regions of the world and shows that Bangladesh is way behind other countries. Moreover, financial performance of Beximco was good up to This creates a huge export opportunities for Bangladesh, because, among all the 50 LDCs, Bangladesh is the only country which had a strong base for the pharma manufacturing.

The major reporrt are as follows:. The retail market also crossed USD 1.

Financial Reports – Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

However, this term paper is prepared on the basis of Financial Performance beximdo Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. And it is a fact that financial analysis itself plays an important role in the progress of business strategic planning. But their net income is not very satisfactory because of their high expense.

After ready made garments RMGpharmaceutical sector has become one of the largest sectors in earning foreign currency. Osman Kaiser Chowdhury who is also a member of the Board of Directors.

The report further stated that, retail sales in the domestic market achieved High growth in the last three years The functions of Accounts and Finance department are carried over five sections. Though the sales revenue has decreased in the last year due to various reasons, it has the ability to regain its glorious pasts and advanced further. Pharmaceutical company also should concentrate on the promotion activities; that all levels of client know reoort their services.


They hope to persevere in stride in our service towards the progress of our country. Major Players in Pharmaceuticals sectors: Employees are interested in the financial position of a concern they serve, particularly when payment of bonus depends upon the size of the profits earned. Besides that it also helps to take the future decision and kf.

Beximco Pharma believes that being geport the business which deals with human health makes us more responsible. To explore the specific costing procedure followed by the Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited. And what are their week points? These two pharmaceuticals company are most prominent in Bangladesh.

There is a manufacturing unit to Kaliakoir near to Gazipur to produce antibiotic. Food and Medicine donation during different natural disasters.

Financials – Annual Report

Rising price of materials in the international market and higher domestic inflation is going to be a big issue. The following major departments coordinate the activities of BPL:.

So it is a competitive market for financial sector. In order to make the term paper as perfect as possible I here used data collection procedures which articulate the way that I have followed in my report. Internship Program brings a student quicker to the genuine life position and thereby helps to start on a career with some previous experience.