Anogeissus pendula. Common name: Chakwa Family: Combretaceae Origin: India. Description: It is a small tree, Bark is smooth grey, sliver. Welcome to the India Biodiversity Portal – A repository of information designed to harness and disseminate collective intelligence on the biodiversity of the Indian. Synonyms: Anogeissus pendula Edgew., Conocarpus acuminatus. Anogeissus is a genus of trees native to South Asia, the Arabian Peninsula.

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College, Kota, India for helping in the collection of the investigated plant. Instead of planting invasive trees like Israeli Babool, there is a need to plant more of local tree species which adapt very well to the harsh climatic conditions of Rajasthan, especially in Aravali belt.

In cells when depletion of GSH occurs, acrolein may react with essential macromolecules and lead to structural and functional derangement which eventually lead to irreversible injury. Please review our privacy policy. Also, on second day after 16 hours of previous dosing treatment, animals were treated again. Acrolein has the ability to form covalent bonds with tissue proteins and binding to tissue macromolecules may be responsible for the hepatotoxic action of allyl alcohol.

Natural History Natural History.

Collected plant parts were shade dried and powdered coarsely. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The Lock — Jantar Mantar,Jaipur. Conversion of allyl alcohol into acrolein by rat liver. Similar to that of DPPH assay, scavenging activity of standard ascorbic acid, was more pendu,a than the extracts. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the in vitro antioxidant potential and in vivo hepatoprotective activity along with the oxidative stress parameters of stem bark and leaves of Anogeissus pendula for the first time.


Search in all groups Search within this group. You are commenting using your Twitter account. By using a Soxhlet apparatus further extraction was done with the hydro-alcoholic pendyla. Both extracts showed good concentration dependent radical scavenging activity.

File:Anogeissus pendula, Combretaceae, Bagh-e-Jinnah.jpg

Results and Discussion In vitro antioxidant activity DPPH 1,1-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl is characterised as a stable free radical by virtue of the delocalisation of the spare electron over the molecule as a whole, so that the molecules do not dimerise, as would be the case with most other free radicals.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hydrogen peroxide, a weak oxidizing agent can inactivate a few enzymes directly, frequently by oxidation of essential thiol -SH groups. Cell kinetics of repair after allyl alcohol-induced liver necrosis in mice. Biochemical kits were of Span diagnostics and Merck.

A survey of plants in Gujarat, India, for alkaloids, saponins anogeissys tannins. It is recognised as an effective liver remedy in Germany and in continental Europe.

Anogeissus Pendula – The Resident Tree Of Aravalis – Jaipur Thru My Lens !!

Author information Article notes Copyright pendupa License information Disclaimer. While hiking across Aravali, I noticed that this tree is being cut by the locals as a source of a fuel. Or, Login with your user account:.

Antioxidant activity was evaluated through DPPH radical scavenging activity[ 10 ] and hydrogen peroxide scavenging assay. The present plant can be a source of hepatoprotective agents and can be useful for the traditional healers in the treatment of hepatotoxicity. Encyclopedia of Life EOL.

Acknowledgment Authors are highly thankful to Dr. Albino rats were divided into seven groups of six animals each. This site uses cookies. Related observations Show all. Inspite of the advancement in biomedicines, search is still on for hepatoprotective agents. The traditional use of Anogeissus pendula in gastric disorder is supported by our findings which reveal antioxidant and hepatoprotective potential due to the presence of phenolic compounds. Both the extracts showed good concentration dependent free radical scavenging activity [ Table 1 ], which supports the antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds whose presence was confirmed by qualitative investigation unpublished results.


Hepatoprotective potential of extracts is maintained by the antioxidant potential which is supported by the good amount of phytoconstituents as evident from the quantitative evaluation which revealed that APB and APL had good content of total phenolics as Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. Statistical comparisons between different groups were done by using one-way analysis of variance ANOVA followed by the Bonferroni test.

Views View Edit History. Anogeissus pendula has various reported ethnomedicinal uses and is reported to contain phenolic compounds which have antioxidant potential. Penduula is also found in parts of Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, and Haryana. Prndula, strengthening of natural antioxidants or administration of exogenous antioxidants may be useful for protection.

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Allyl alcoholAnogeissus pendulaantioxidanthepatoprotective.