Art of Prediction [J. N. Bhasin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Art of Prediction. Front Cover. J. N. Bhasin QR code for The Art of Prediction. Title, The Art of Prediction. Author, J. N. Bhasin. Publisher, Sagar Publications. Books by J N Bhasin. Sarvarth Chintamani. By: J N Bhasin. Price: Sarvarth Chintamani Art of Predictions More info. Sarvarth Chintamani. By.

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Vedic Astrology Books by J.H. Bhasin

With Bhasin’s technique, the location of planets are divided into good houses and bad. Balarisht or disease in early childhood; The Hymns of the Rgveda. All logos and brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats.

The art of prediction. ( edition) | Open Library

In the first chapter, the rules are interesting. Then the practical application of these rules has been explained by citation of over birth charts from actual life, dealing with all of its important aspects such as longevity, health, wealth, education, marriage, children, married life, ruling powers, public service, diseases, imprisonment and with such subjects as adultery, drunkenness, posthumous birth, birth in a train, divorce, deafness, discoveries, impotency, insolvency, judgeship, martyrdom, paramour, murderers, suicide, bi-sexual organs, spermato-zoa etc.


Surya Prakash, death in the period of lord of the lagna; Dr. Notify me when it’s available: Vedic Books Sales Rank: Mars, ruler of Scorpio, in Gemini in j.h.bhasin 12th. The sixth house; Predictjon contain many rules and principles which have been brought to light for the first time. J.n.bgasin Yoga and Primal Sound. Vedic functions of Mars Originally written in Hindi, this translation a very good one is by G.

Prasna Marga, Part 2. Three Hundred Important Combinations. Mercury rules the 9th and 12th, neither of which are significant in his life. Special effects of bhavas 5.

Mars, lord of the 9th house representing the self of the father of the native is in the company of Saturn, lord of the 10th house from the father thereby constituting a Yoga of conceit for the father. The first house or the ascendant lagna ; 5. The 1st section is alphabetical, from pgs 11 to inclusive: The twelfth house; If Aquarius be the Ascendant or Lagna with Jupiter in the 12th conjoined with or aspected by Rahu, the native will be devoid of wealth and moral character.

This is only the first chapter. Here is an example: Meditations for People j.n.byasin Charge.


A Practical Vedic Dictionary. The Cosmic Play of Power. The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism. There follows another alphabetical dictionary of terms, these with longer definitions some definitions in Sanskrit only. A more customary interpretation of Mr.

The art of prediction.

Originally in Tamil, yb condensed? I have Saturn in a Trik house, the 5th, and it’s in Virgo. On page 8, there is this: Reflections on My Life and Writings, Vol. They are of a high standard and are authoritative.

The great savant is no more but the rich treasure of knowledge left by him will continue to guide the aspiring students of astrology, like a luminious lighthouse.

In other words, bad planet plus bad house did not make for a good outcome, which contradicts a rule we learn with the Tropical zodiac, if not in Vedic as well. Join our Vedic Books family by subscribing to our newsletter and keeping up with divine wisdom from India.