Asbestosis is a type of pulmonary fibrosis caused by asbestos exposure typified by excess connective tissue in the lungs. Because the disease. The form of interstitial lung disease caused by asbestos is called asbestosis. Asbestosis is also known as pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial pneumonitis. Content. of diseases that inflame or scar the lungs. Breathing in particles (asbestosis, silicosis) causes some types. Topic Image. Enfermedad pulmonar intersticial.

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The abnormal chest x-ray and its interpretation remain the most important factors in establishing the presence of pulmonary fibrosis. For more information, visit our sponsors page.

Pneumoconiosis National Institutes of Health. Edited By Walter Pacheco.

Free Awareness Wristbands Get free mesothelioma wristbands to show support for a loved one Get your wristbands. Nebulized medications may be prescribed in order to loosen secretions or treat underlying chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Appearances of asbestosis vary with the duration and severity of the condition. As blood pressure increases, fluid builds up around the heart and lungs, which can lead to swelling in the neck and face, which in turns can lead to difficulty swallowing.

Mesothelioma What is Mesothelioma? Did this article help you? Diagnosing asbestos-related cancers early is so important, as mesothelioma especially is known as an aggressive cancer with a pulmohar prognosis.

Occupational lung diseases

Diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, and other connective tissue and blood-related disorders can also cause ILD. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Asbestosis. As long as these products are in good condition they are considered safe and not a source of asbestos exposure.

Doctors may also use pulmonary function tests and exercise tests to determine lung capacity.


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The Mayo Clinic reports that people with asbestosis who smoke have a greatly increased risk of developing lung cancer. Figure 1 Figure 1.

Please read our disclaimer for more information. Toll Free Live Chat. Treatment of interstitial lung disease is aimed at relieving symptoms and preventing complications, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Some medications are available to help with coughing and pain.

Interstitial Lung Diseases

Free Awareness Wristbands Get free mesothelioma wristbands to show support for a loved one Get your wristbands. Head sinuses Sinusitis nose Rhinitis Vasomotor rhinitis Atrophic rhinitis Hay fever Nasal polyp Rhinorrhea nasal septum Nasal septum deviation Nasal septum perforation Nasal septal hematoma tonsil Tonsillitis Adenoid hypertrophy Peritonsillar abscess.

Certifications This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: Get Your Free Mesothelioma Guide. With earlier detection, patients will have more curative treatment options and a better opportunity for extended survival. A special computerized tomography CT scan called the high-resolution computerized tomography scan HRCT can produce highly detailed images of the lungs. Some advancements have been made in detecting mesothelioma and other asbestos cancers earlier through biomarkers and blood tests, but more research is still needed.

For most families, these expenses on top of any necessary traveling to a specialist and other related costs can quickly become a burden. In severe cases of asbestosis, a doctor may recommend a lung transplant. Robert Cameron View More Doctors. Get help finding an attorney who will fight to get you the compensation you and your family deserve Get Assistance.

The following symptoms are the most common signs of interstitial lung disease:. Many of these symptoms can also be associated with pleural mesotheliomathe most common type of mesothelioma. As the heart works harder, blood pressure increases. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Lung damage caused by asbestos exposure cannot be reversed, though it can be treated to relieve symptoms. The symptoms of asbestosis and other interstitial lung diseases are similar to the symptoms of other lung conditions such as COPD and asthma. Other causes include autoimmune diseases or occupational exposures to molds, gases, or fumes. Asbestosis is also known as pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial pneumonitis.

Asbestosis | Radiology Reference Article |

Clinical presentation is insidious and nonspecific with shortness of breath prompting imaging. Asbestos and the law. Although the severity and frequency pulmlnar symptoms can vary among patients at the time of diagnosis, the most common asbestosis symptoms include:.

A plaque caused by asbestos exposure on the diaphragmatic pleura. Lung cancermesotheliomaplural fibrosispulmonary heart disease [1] [2]. Asbestosis resembles many other diffuse interstitial lung diseases, including other pneumoconiosis.

The severity of interstitial lung disease caused by asbestos exposure depends on the length and amount of asbestos exposure, as well as on your overall physical condition and factors such as smoking. Macrophages asbewtosis ingest the fibers and stimulate fibroblasts to deposit connective tissue. Treatment depends on the type of exposure and the stage of the disease.

Specific types include Black lung disease among coal miners, from inhaling coal dust Farmer’s lung, from inhaling farm plmonar Asbestosis, from inhaling asbestos fibers Siderosis, from inhaling iron from mines or welding fumes Silicosis, from inhaling silica dust Other causes include autoimmune diseases or occupational exposures to molds, gases, or fumes.