Rekindling the Vividness of the Past: Assia Djebar’s Films and Fiction. By ANNE To film La nouba, Djebar went back to the mountains of her . Sa guerre a lui apparait muette .. restitue ce qui est arrive a la fille dans U amour, la fan- tasia. Gafaiti, Hafid: La diasporisation de la litterature postcoloniale: Assia Djebar, ” La guerre interieure: la metaphore cognitive de la guerre dans L’ amour, la. Amour, La Fantasia (L’) (Romans, Nouvelles, Recits (Domaine Francais)) Assia Djebar, qui s’est imposée au tout premier rang (les écrivains de son pays, passé lointain, la conquête par les Français en , et du passé récent, la guerre.

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It drains off all the scoriae of the past. In this stunning novel, Assia Djebar intertwines the history of her native Algeria with episodes from the life of a young girl in a story stretching from the French conquest in to the War of Liberation of the s.

And words themselves djebwr a decoration, flaunted by officers like the carnations they wear in their buttonholes; words will become their most effective weapons. Writing in a foreign language, not in either of the tongues of my native country The one drawn by language, by the palimpsest of history Algiers has Roman ruins, Christian saints, Turkish beys One thing I would have appreciated would have been Djebar establishing a stronger narrative through-line.

L’Amour, La fantasia, Assia Djebar – Lettres & Arts

Ik kom daar later op terug. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Assia Djebar is not easy to read in English translation much less in her original French. This guera from multiple viewpoints in time and space struggles with an undiffe I quite loved this raising of women’s voices that plays with the deeply collective nature of their experience. Refresh and try again.

She remembers once receiving an innocent letter from a boy, and her father tearing it up unread. Is all knowledge written in French, even if written by a post Colonial Algerian subject, merely recreating colonial knowledge by adhering to colonial forms? Overall Djebar reaches us, but the novel has an abstract quality that does not emotionally involve us much with any characters.


I’m on the fence still with Assia Djebar. It is not a memoir or autobiography. Did their writings allow them to savor the seducer’s triumph, the rapist’s intoxication? English seems to reflect this more, as unlike French, it is less concerned with prioritizing a static form.

Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade

An Algerian Cavalcade is not a novel, or a memoir or an oral history, though it shares characteristics with all three genres. The writing was clunky, flowery and convoluted; like trying to read Victorian wallpaper! No trivia or quizzes yet. A true palimpsest and in completely hybrid work. And to those who have been silenced. See 2 questions about Fantasia…. The Fantasia she wishes dead, that Djebar celebrates the death knell of, is ultimately a product of both the colonial violence that has kept Algeria in states of violence for nearly years, and the masculinity that prioritizes honor in the form lq dead or brutalized women and tradition over a reading of Islam grounded in love.

Among the many stories, each told in its own unique voice, there is one chapter that brings an intimacy between the reader dejbar the text that is almost hard to bear. Yes, in spite of the tumult of my people all around, I already hear, even before it arises and pierces the harsh sky, I head the death cry in the Fantasia.

Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade by Assia Djebar

Dec 27, Nicole G. As a new voice in my world of literature, then, it’s an important book. Is the one who played with her assla in the opening My attempts to be more worldly with my reading sometimes lead to great discoveries, and sometimes they lead me here.

But it made me very interested in the country. May 28, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 03, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: Assia Djebar is born. Where will this tunnel of interior silence lead?


The author herself, older war widows, young brides, outspoken women held This is a book about giving a voice to guerrw who are silent.

Without context, it’s easy to assume a novel in French about Algeria or Morocco titled Fantasia would be some uncomfo Fantasia is a book in two parts, which alternate before one narrative takes over.

That was a completely different story of Algeria, qssia one which also included quite a bit of history of 20th century Algeria. Algeria’s colonization- and the fragmentation of its history, told from both oral stories and written reports from Algerians, french soldiers, and observers.

L’Amour, La fantasia, Assia Djebar

An Algerian Cavalcade amorw, because it shows Djebar’s extraordinary enfolding of the feminist, political, and sexual in almost every paragraph: It’s not something that I would have picked up had it not been a recommendation, but it was interesting and a novel that I will think about in the future. Alternate chapters of the book tell the story of the French conquest of Algiers inthe repressive and even genocidal campaigns again guerrilla resistance that followed, and the final wars before independence in It’s beautifully written – I haven’t come across an author who can write amire poetically and brilliantly since I read Steinbeck years ago.

I suspect that could be true for many readers. Some of the pieces are very lush and beautiful, and others seem to have an almost clinical detachment, even when it is describing a fearless woman standing up to the French, for example.

Nov 12, Rana rated it it was amazing.