Deck Construction Rules. Universe Rules. The Inner Sphere affiliations currently used in the BattleTech TCG are Davion, Marik, Kurita, Liao, Rasalhague. An Inner Sphere Themed rulebook for the Battletech CCG card game from the 90s . While reading the rules and playing the game.. interrupting Schuler in the . Someone’s made the whole CCG available on TTS. I’ve been looking for a tutorial though to refresh myself with the CCG rules and turn order.

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The term “proxy” includes counterfeit cards or any card that is not a genuine BattleTech card.

LimitedUnlimited editions only Ignore all references to the die roll. The last player in the circuit selects two cards instead of one before drafting continues in reverse order, moving back to the player who began the circuit. Limited version only Rhles Targeting System lets you redirect up to half the Unit’s attack to the target.

I’m at work so that’s a screenshot of cccg decks with me batt,etech to my home computer in so forgive the color depth. Yes, you would flip it up instead of leaving it facedown. In addition, players who use profanity, argue, act belligerently toward tournament officials or one another, or harass spectators, tournament officials, or opponents will be subject to the appropriate provisions of the DCI penalty guidelines and to further DCI review.

  1943 LEY 0028 PDF

Violation of this rule results in the offending participant receiving a loss for the match on the official tournament record. Players have the right to appeal a judge’s decision to the head judge. Cards need not be exchanged on a one-for-one basis.

BattleTech Collectible Card Game

The head judge or tournament organizer may require players to register their decks and sideboards upon arrival at a tournament. Bear in mind that I’ve played like three games, so I’m by no means an expert. Once a player’s decklist is received by a tournament official, it may be altered only at the head judge’s discretion.

Unless the card says otherwise, use these abilities only when Mission cards would be played. All in any order.

Unit, Pilot, and Enhancement abilities that say “Play only during battle” can only be played if the relevant Unit is involved in the battle. Looking for people to play with. Example If you have two Units with Anti-Missile in a group, each missile fired at battletfch group would deal -2 damage.

Battletech CCG tutorial? : battletech

If a player receives or draws an ante card, the head judge should replace it from a stack of random cards from the same card set from which the ante card came. If the head judge determines that a player is using non-English-language batteltech to create an advantage by battletfch misleading artwork, that player will be subject to the appropriate provisions of the DCI penalty guidelines.

From the 25th century onward, these walking tanks ruled the battlefields. All 4 damage must be dealt during the same attack. Choose one of your engaged Units that has not dealt damage. Each player whose Stockpile took too much damage loses; if all Stockpiles took too much damage, the game is a draw.


This is a collection of cards, bqttletech are no premade decks. To make the above text applicable to team events, substitute “team” for “player” and “round loss” for “match loss.

Ruled registration, the tournament organizer records the original composition of each deck and sideboard. Can resources be directly attacked?

And that cost can be paid from any other resource?

BattleTech Trading Card Game – BattleTechWiki

Any card exchanges between decks and sideboards must be made on a one-for-one basis to ensure that the sideboard remains at exactly eight cards at all times. MechWarrior version only Text should read: All the cards released. Counterfeiters will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

By entering a BattleTech tournament, players and spectators agree to abide by all rulings rendered by tournament officials. For everyone looking, I think I found a great Tutorial here Hey Everyone, So I’m going to pickup tabletop simulator from Steam the next time it goes on sale for one reason, Battletech.