Beating the Caro Kann by Vassilios – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. I guess learning the caro-kann may help you beat it so /__Beating-the-Caro-Kann-_Kotronias_pag. Vassilios Kotronias is a chess grandmaster and former Greek Champion. He is a key member of the Greek team as both a player and coach. On the international.

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I’ve included everything in the FEN diagram. In the game Greet-Drozdovskij, black seemed to be doing fine. I guess learning the caro-kann may help you beat it so http: Mark all ,otronias as READ. Usually, in the Caro-Kann, black is happy to exchange these bishops, therefore I didn’t consider this move.

Challenging the Grunfeld by Edward Dearing. Playing the Trompowsky by Richard Pert.

Opening chess books by Quality Chess

The Qh4 looks trapped after 8. Or I could choose to stop 5. However, I wonder how black should react after 7. Qh4 is an interesting suggestion.

Vasilios Kotronias

Good lucky, and do try to stretch away for your present grade. Petrosian 2, 1 12 A recent game is Onishuk-Matlakov. Nf3 and after Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. View cart My Account. Nd7, finish his development and counterplay with c5. Most positional move here is Nc6 after c5 which bring a new piece and attack the pawn chain base and the center. I know that I do not enjoy playing against the Advance line at all.


While Qb6 tends to be a bit quieter than the lovely lunacy that e6 almost tbe entails white still has chances to open the centre, especially after 5 Bd3 which is the main theme after Qb6 in “Beating the Caro-Kann” mentioned above. Will you become a CM? Any Condition Any Condition. Combine it with a quick Bb4 and suddenly White must display some imagination in coming up with an attack plan. I suppose the difficulty I am having is testament to the strength of the opening As a caro-kann player kotroniss am certainly going to say nothing can beat the caro-kann except poking the kotromias player in the eyes, they do have to stay sharp though so anything to dull them without cheating of course.

I’m not sure if Grigoryan could have tried Whose Boat Is This Boat?

However, you’re missing an interesting option here, probably because it’s marked as dubious in beting the old books if mentioned at all:. Failing this, what weaknesses does it have that I can attempt to exploit? I would still prefer something that is both tactical and good over something that is both positional and bad. Chess Paperback Books in Russian.

Beating the Caro-Kann : Vassilios Kotronias :

One of my chess rivals at a local club enjoys playing the Carro-Kann against me. Play the Semi-Slav by David Vigorito. I’m a Elo player that likes positional, quiet, drawish, slow, boring and strategic openings. In order to make a choice not necessarily from these two ideas, but in generalyou can look for some grandmaster games to see which variations lead to which type of positions. Are there any good continuations for white that the Carro-Kann struggles to deflect? For black, it is not easy to steer the position into quiet waters, but here are some ideas:.


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Nc3 the black pawn is still on c And if possible it needs to be played reasonably often by Grandmasters. Grandmaster Repertoire 3 – The English Opening kotroniaas. Grandmaster Repertoire – 1.

Save on Other Books Trending price is based on prices kahn last 90 days. Taking on h5 leaves White with a horrible pawn structure. I am relatively confident in my ability to outplay this gentleman if the knan diverges from well-known bookwork, even though he is rated or points higher than me. Show More Show Less. Whether you’re looking for a luxury chess set to pass on to future generations or a plastic chess set to use at your local chess club, you’ll find the perfect chess set at The House of Staunton.

I can’t answer your question but thanks for posting this: The Benko Gambit by Jan Pinksi.