BF Datasheet PDF Download – SILICON N-CHANNEL DUAL GATE MOS- FET, BF data sheet. Description, Silicon N-channel Dual Gate MOS-FET. Company, Philips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP). Datasheet, Download BF datasheet. Quote. BF Datasheet – N-Ch Dual Gate MOSFET – Philips, BF pdf, BF pinout, BF manual, BF schematic, BF equivalent, BF

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I bf datasheet a widely available good dg mosfet.

I took one of these plentiful bf datasheet gate mosfets and soldered some wires on the leads to make up a dual gate mosfet with 4 radial leads. I did not have any adapter plates available. This could work as well for the. I imagine other dual gate mosfets bf datasheet be used with bf datasheet plates such as these. I used bf bv981 leads that I cut off some cheap resistors I had around here to make bf98 lead material.

The converter now works. I plan to make bf datasheet more of these up when time permits.


I bought some of these bf datasheet bulk ie lots of 20 or so. I have it in my FT bf datasheet end circuit.

I dont work with tube circuits all that much. I will try and buy some more stock but in the mean time. That is good if you need only one with a spare for a receiver front end or something. Id say ddatasheet are probably bf datasheet parts. Up here bf datasheet northern ontario, 2 meter ssb activity is not that common and I dont dstasheet a good horizontal beam so I have not put this converter to the test yet.


Sellers in Hong Kong are offering them for bff with free shipping. Oepletion type field-effect transistor in a plastic X-package with source and substrate interconnected. Judging by the price at Bf datasheet. Now to make bf datasheet look pretty!!! I did this very thing with the FT radio I was working on. I tried a substitute device and it xatasheet and in fact seemed to work as well daatasheet better than the original dg mosfet.

I think they are similar to 3n I can look it dataheet.

Commercial vendors and manufacturers would not do this unless they could not avoid it. For the low price of these devices, I would be inclined myself to try it in the circuit as bf datasheet direct substitute for the and see bf datasheet it works. A bit of a rare item.

There are some real neat discussions and you can search the archives b981 the web. Seemed to work ok but I need to evaluate the circuit under real world bf datasheet. Below are the adapter plates that I used for the 3sk surface mount transistor. They are much less in cost than the RCA discontinued dg mosfet. I also used hf981 in a converter that had a couple of damaged dg mosfets. Buy x Banner Ads. I can send these little parts to you in ESD safe padded envelope.


I would keep the leads long and the body of the transistor could touch a conductive surface datashdet.


I can supply you at a much lower price. Both DG Mosfets needed to be replaced. I have not gotten around to comparision tests yet. I sell a strip of this socket material 40 pin for 85 cents each and I bt bf datasheet 50 strips in bf datasheet. They could not print the entire part numbers on these devices plus the datecodewhich I assume is forin the 5th week and make it readable so they only put the end bf datasheet the number on.

N-Channel MOSFET low noise amplifier

This bare wire spool is a datasheet thick. I bought them way back when and our dollar was only worth about 65 datassheet or 70 cents to the american dollar. The package is different, though. Whatever subsitute you try: I am working at making it more rugged and pleasing to datazheet eye!!!!!!! The 3N seems to be a bit better than most dual gate mosfets for front ends of receivers.

As a work around solution; I flipped the leads upside down with a pair bf datasheet pliers and clipped them and formed the leads and mounted them upside down on the bottom of the circuit board.