When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (sa) was born five years before Bethat. Posts about bibi fatima ki kahani in urdu written by mehdisyed.

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Jub badshah inke pass Tasreef laya toa inn donno ne upney henna aalood haath band ker kahaa kay ek aadmi hummaray makaan per bhaij dijye phir aapki jo marzi hogi yo keejyia ga.

They thought that at one kahank they are celebrating their wedding and on the next they are In their jail cell the girls were sleeping when they had another dream where the same holy lady approached them and told them that their troubles were caused by not listening to the story of janab e fatima, and they could be resolved if they completed their vows and listened to the event of janab e sayeeda.

Suddenly a severe tempest with furious wind struck the area where the party was gathered and people were blown miles away from each other. Then washed the Holy back with water. Aap ney fermaya key baitti iss ka ikhtiar khud tumko hai.

Umme Salma was asked to teach Our Lady principles of Culture. Roti peet thi apnay luktay jigar ki talaash mein doobara ghar se niklee.


bibi fatima ki kahani – video dailymotion

Har ek se pooncha magar koi suraag na mila. Sub majboor hokar wapas aagai. Story doesn’t mean fiction. Annan-fannun mein khan- ae-shaadi matum kada bungia. Seepahee nay jakar jo daikha faatima hairaan rah gia.

Can i recite it alone? She asked everyone but noone knew anything.

This gesture was also to show the companions respect kahnai women generally which was lacking in the Arabian society of the day. After the storm was over, all the people in the party gathered together and found each other, all except for the two girls. This is rubbish as they were people of the book and Imam Ali also is know to have worked for a Yahudi.

Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional – video dailymotion

Some also say this is just a story. Certainly this is illogical and impossible. Yeh bud ahdi ki hai.

Chey saat gharon me phiree laikin har ek ne yahee jawaab diya ke na hamein kahaani yaad hai aur na humko itnee fursat hai kay in fazool baaton ki taraf tawajey dein.

Posted June 28, Our lady Fatimah SWT said: After hearing this Janab e Fatima was pondering over the matter.

Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional

When the widow filled her vessel with water she headed home, she expected that her child had toddled off home and would find him there. When the Holy Prophet recovered, he thanked her for her great work in the battlefield. Sunaaran larrkay ko kuaen ke qareeb jrdu paani bharnay lugee. This Urdu rendition I won’t call it a translation is perhaps done by the Lucknowi Shia in the days gone by.


Tafseer-e- Kabir by Al-Razi. li

fafima After hearing this the daughter of the prophet decided to go to the wedding. English translation by me of the story of Janab e Fatima.

bibi fatima ki kahani

The Question was as follows:. Kuaen kay qareeb aaee. Annan-fannun mein khan-ae-shaadi matum kada bungia. Along side the well lived a blacksmith with a furnace in his shop.

Alla humma salle alla mohammad waale mohammad. Sub ney aap hee ko mukhtaar kia hae.

Today we see that bib not observing the Islamic dress code muslim women open themselves to the lust of many unscruplous men. Aap ney upney daulat khaney per tashreef laakar tammaam majra Janab-e-Rasool Khuda A.