For suppression of Fusarium Wilt and Black Root Rot of Cotton by activating the plant’s natural resistance mechanisms. Bion Label ( bytes) · Bion SDS ( . BION®/ ACTIGARD®, Crop Enhancement, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Turkey, United States, Acibenzolar-S-methyl acts as a. Acibenzolar-S-methyl GRASSLAND AND NON-CROP AREAS – OZ/ ACRE TOMATOES AND PEPPERS.

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Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 60,doi: My Account Documents view all Events upcoming Membership status.

Bion 50WG Fungicide

For these reasons BION 50 WG must be used in advance and should be seen as a useful tool to be integrated with current technical measures and agronomy for the control of the disease. In field trials in recent years, BION 50 WGemployed in various strategies, continued to show good efficacy results for the control of the disease. Principally, ammonium is injected in liquid form cm deeper, depending on the plant system, than the furrow at the root level Kuecke, In Germany, sunflower oil with high oleic acid content takes an important place in oleo-chemical industry.

The product has already been used for a long time in the control of the bacterial canker of kiwifruit, having obtained in the last years the authorization biln temporary use to face the phytosanitary emergency.

Inan additional site in Southern Germany near Eckartsweier was set up.

CULTAN was applied as injection synngenta a concentrated solution of urea ammonium sulfate and urea ammonium nitrate at 30 cm and 60 cm plant height and each application with 48 kg N and 60 kg N respectively. This relatively bkon plant nutrition method is believed to create more vital plant development in addition to its benefit hindering nitrate leaching and reducing plant nutrition costs.


Cold and wet weather affect seedling establishment as well as harvest.

Adornato Francesco phone Early maturing cultivars are lacking buon fungal diseases, such as Sclerotinia sclerotiorum white rot and Botrytis cinerea grey mouldare prevalent. BION 50 WG shows a different mode of action compared to the products currently used against PSA, such as for example the copper and microbiological formulations, as well as having a high mobility within the plant tissues, acibenzolar-S-methyl acts by activating the systems natural defenses of plants, making them more resistant to the penetration and spread of the pathogen.

Sygnenta order to keep the inoculum in a humid atmosphere, sprayed with about 10 ml water and covered with a transparent plastic bag. In contrast to our results, Sommer concluded that the CULTAN fertilization, in general, induces the plants to be healthier and stronger. HO sunflower production area showed an increasing trend in up to 7. Therefore it plays an important role in conducting better agricultural practices for HO sunflower cultivation in central Europe.

The evaluation of breeding lines and stocks showed clearly, that the variability syngentaa characters such as germination capacity as well as early seedling development at suboptimal temperatures is sufficient for improving available varieties for being cultivated under Central European climatic conditions. For data recording, the plants were observed for leaf lesions, diseased stems and the number of fully infected plants. In this reportsygnenta present the first results of improved agricultural practices.

Bion 50WG Fungicide Label | Syngenta US

Worldwide high oleic oil production level is about The artificial infection by Sclerotinia mycelium proceeds faster in plants at early developmental stages. The preliminary experiments in were restricted to the experimental fields of the Federal Agricultural Research Centre FAL in Braunschweig, a marginal site for sunflower cultivation. In sensitive plants, Bion induced Systemic Acquired Resistance by substituting to the salicylic acid.


Fully infected plant rate after inoculation with Sclerotinia sclerotiorum mycelium at growth stage BBCH 19 in two high oleic sunflower varieties.

CULTAN fertilization does not seem to have a promising future for sunflower health management according to the presented preliminary results. The three agencies responsible for the registration of agrochemicals in Brazil signed a technical cooperation agreement for the development of the Integrated Sy Although Germany has a high demand for this sunflower type, its production is variable as inappropriate agronomic practices cause yield instability.

However, a change of N-supply to ammonium-based liquid fertilizer could not protect sunflower plants from fungal attack in Synenta oleic HO sunflower in Germany have a market potential of Activator of autodifese of the plant for the prevention of bacterial diseases of pear, apple, hazelnut, and tomato and kiwi KIWI.

Also Felgentreu confirmed that the liquid ammonium fertilization shows no negative effect on winter rape, in fact leads to an improvement of resistance to fungal diseases. Moreover, CULTAN application did lead to a significant increase of the fungal infection rate of the compared varieties.

The leaf test of Bertrand and Tourvieille was modified to determine the reaction of synggenta to artificial infection by Sclerotinia.