Roger Brett Kebble (19 February – 27 September ) was a South African mining companies – see Chapter 5 “Forget the Vision and the Mission” in Muzi Kuzawayo’s book amusingly titled There’s a Tsotsi in the Board Room. In a new book, financial journalist Barry Sergeant claims the two helped disgraced mining magnate Brett Kebble steal R1,9bn in Randgold. Mandy Wiener’s first book “Killing Kebble: An Underworld Exposed” lays bare I always say the Brett Kebble murder was this weak point in the.

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Brett Kebble – Wikipedia

She is an incredibly gifted writer and her ability to tell the story, without passing any judgement, is one of the reasons that I think this book is such a phenomenal success. He tried to help them all, dishing out millions to their dreams and schemes, and went totally overboard, like a dog trying to please his blood-sucking fleas by lying down and let them bgett him dry. He knew too much. Jan 09, Jayne Bauling rated it liked breett. Bhekisisa Mia MalanDylan Bush I learnt nothing and found no factual conclusions made.

Good to read this considered analysis. That explains so much. This was a very good and thrilling book to read. Remember me Forgotten password?

This novel does not do it full justice, but it certainly exposes the underside of the gangster world and the corruption that seeps through the society. What was it like getting inside their heads? The hype surrounding this book is well-earned and this talented South African author deserves the 4-star rating as of 22 May on Goodreads.


If Kebble were still alive today, he would be sitting pretty. The brdtt gives us a glimpse into the South African underworld and left me living in Johannesburg wanting to read more stories about stuff that goes on right here on our doorsteps. Kebble was born in the mining town of Springson the East Rand.

Killing Kebble: An Underworld Exposed

Dec 13, Eddy rated it really liked it. I would this kebbls to anybody who has an interest in politics in SA – her background information is excellent and I ended up seeing the people concerned in a different light.

My impressions and comments on the content: She relied heavily on an arsenal of media resources to chronologically paste the background, actual events and characters involved together in “this saga of corruption at the very highest of levels, of insatiable greed, unpalatable political interference, the abhorrent abuse of state agencies and the downright dirty and dangerous tactics employed by agents hired to scare and kill.

This page was last edited on 16 Marchat After Kebble’s murder, his family decided to cancel the awards. Jun 22, Al rated it it was amazing.

Cookies come in two flavours – persistent and transient. Was it a challenge to express yourself in this longer form or did it open up new avenues of expression for you? Nevertheless, although it is pretty jerky and needs flow and rhythm to make it a good thriller, it is a powerful story and well worth reading.


This is a good summary of it and a good exploration of the weird people involved in it. There are people with very deep pockets who will kebblee me to the hilt.

When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie. A must read for all south Africans, even though we’ll never know what happened to Bret Kebble, you’ll find a lot out about the shannigans of our country’s top politicians!

Mohale Keble discusses Intruders with Africa Melane. Regardless of Brett Kebble’s demise – the question remains if a murder was staged as an assisted suicide – the deeper level of this book highlights the extraordinary skills used in public service to protect the high and mighty on all levels.

Kebble book is explosive

Sorry to Mandy but I thought this book was very poorly written, edited and put together. Roger Kebble, the father of Brett Kebble, was found dead in his car near his home in Bishopscourt yesterday afternoon.

An autopsy performed three days after the murder found that the bullets were a rare, ‘low-velocity’ type used brett bodyguards and security operatives. In the book you mention that the killers felt justified in their actions, and saw themselves as better than bretr criminals.