Note: If you haven’t read Brooksmith yet, then please note that this post contains spoilers. *** The first Henry James tale I’ve ever read was. Brooksmith first appeared in Harper’s Weekly and Black and White in May – a sure sign that Henry James was attentive to the commercial. Henry James is one of those authors I’ve heard plenty about but never attempted (although Wings of the Dove is on my TBR). As I’ve done in.

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He is primarily known for a series of major novels in which he portrayed the encounter of America with Bu. Buy the book from Amazon UK Buy the book from Amazon US The Spoils of Poynton is a short novel which centres on the contents of a country house, and the question of who is the most desirable person to inherit it via marriage.

Online Books Page A collection of online texts, including novels, stories, travel writing, literary criticism, and letters. Bantam Classics reissued Please do leave a comment! His circle therefore was essentially composed of habitues, who were habitues for each other as well as for him, as those of a happy salon should be.

A dearth of topics would have been as unheard of as a lapse in the service. A Hyper-Concordance to the Works Japanese-based online research tool that locates the use of any word or phrase in context. Broolsmith everyone knew everything and took absolute truth to heart without subjecting it to their own personal preferences, we would all be, practically the same person.

Nothing would induce me to reproduce it here, but Brooksmith had been in danger of losing it. My presumptuous dream of taking him into my own service had died away: In the garden of society, some are showy flowers, some noble towering trees, and some shade-giving vines. Who was the late Mr.


No trivia or quizzes yet. I wanted to ask him if there was anything I henrt do for him, tainted with vagueness as this inquiry could only be.

A discussion of Henry James’s Brooksmith

By having been for years, in foreign lands, the most delightful Englishman any one had ever known, Mr. But for me, sir, it is, if I may say so, still graver even than that: Brooksmjth contradicts this induction only, I fear, more insidiously to confirm it.

He looked well enough in health, but much older, and wore in an exceptionally marked degree the glazed and expressionless mask of the British domestic de race. He seemed to wish to take counsel with me about it, to feel responsible for its going on in some form or rbooksmith.

When I took in that our good friend had given up as never before, though only for the occasion, I exclaimed dolefully: Refresh and try again. Yve rated it really liked it May 05, James has always been known as a writer of refined sensibility, with a prose style renowned for its demanding complexities and subtelties of meaning; but it is often forgotten that he was a full-time writer who made a considerable part of his income from professional contracts with publishers.

You have others, sir, I daresay — not that I would have you understand me to speak of them as in any way tantamount. As I went away on this occasion I looked out for him eagerly among the four or five attendants whose perpendicular persons, fluting the walls of London passages, are supposed to lubricate the process of departure; but he was not on duty.


Views Read Edit View history. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Brooksmith was his butler and his most intimate friend, to whom we all stood, or I should say sat, in the same relation in which the subject of the sovereign finds himself to the prime minister.

This was precisely the way he acted as moderator; he averted misunderstandings or cleared them up. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If I ever should venture ja,es reproduce it I shall feel how much I lose in not having my fellow auditor to refer to.

Tuesday Reading Room – Brooksmith by Henry James

Ezekiel Shawn rated it it was amazing Mar 29, Offord said when he reappeared; and then I recognised what a note of change that would be — for he had never tolerated anything so provincial. Six months later however I was favoured with a visit from an elderly dreary dingy person who introduced herself to me as Mr.

The story turns out not to be about Mr Offord at all, but about his butler, Brooksmith and the perils of allowing the servant class to rise above their station. The narrator encounters Brooksmith amongst the staff at various other houses, and always feels a sympathetic sadness thatBrooksmith is working at a level which demeans his true value.