Preview and download studio quality samples from the Casio VZM. Download samples and manuals from some of the best electronic instruments. The VZ-1/VZM is capable of transmitting and receiving MIDI system exclusive messages as listed below. The transmit/receive status of each message is also. out of the book, keep your VZ owner’s manual handy as a reference and, of course, have The VZ-1 keyboard synthesizer, VZM and VZ-8M synthesizer tone.

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Great for soundtracks, ambient, electronica. I don’t think this line of synthesizers was ever very popular and in fact after that Casio pulled back from the professional market, going back to the home market.

In the iPD system, the wave generated by any module can be used in either of two ways; to produce audible sounds or to modify waves generated by other modules. Note the power of iPD here: The 8 iPD sound source modules work in associated pairs that are called “Internal Lines,”, or simply “lines”.

VZM Professional digital synthesizer module. A very powerful synthesizer module, classy and thoroughly professional. All internal data is reset to its original state as listed on page Set up multi-layered voices with up to 3 split points, and “fade” the voices into one another so there’s maanual audible “split point” with the cross fade function, or control multiple voices through keyboard velocity using velocity vz-10.


A cross between e. This sounds very ’80s to me – think Howard Jones for example. Which is a pity, because certainly the professional qualities of an instrument like this mabual be forgotten.

Very interesting sound, with a tremolo synth and a lead. Sound source configuration, patch editing, multi-patch setup creation, output channel and MIDI specifications – in fact, virtually all VZM operations are controlled by interacting with various functions that are found in the three VZM menus. Casio VZM audio demos. What does the title of this patch mean -besides “bass”??

Relaxed, gentle Rhodes sound, with a pad on the right channel. Note the “sizzle” of the iPD synthesis! Variation of the above, with a more “woody” quality. Respond to the YES?

Vaguely Asian-sounding, a delicious amalgam of plucked, pizzicato and flute sounds! Just what it says. A beautiful, haunting, complex synthesizer pad. Is the name a contraption between “vibes” and “piano”? Great programming job, here. Casio VZM pictures click on thumbnails to enlarge. There are 4 internal lines – A, B, C and D The waveforms generated by both modules in any line can be used together in three different ways.

Starting from a simple, pure sine wave or different waveformyou can build very complex sounds. A sad, melancholic vibraphone sound, complete with haunting tremolo and sparkly overtones.

To alter VZM sounds or programming, you simply alter the value of these parameters using a value slider or value keys. Expertly programmed to simulate delay with the envelopes. Play of words around the “New Age” term, which was born and very popular around the time this synth was produced.


Casio VZM powerplay Manuals

Eerie, digital and crisp hollow synthesizer voices. Very strong sound, reminds of the DX7. Preset cwsio with audio demo. Cool split with electric bass and electric piano.

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These can then be divided into constituent polyphonics and ensembled in any format you desire. Delicate, crystalline and mysterious vibraphone on a string-pad bed.

This is what I think when I play and listen to this synthesizer. Easy to spot who’s Beauty and who the Beast. And with the use of a standard ROM card, the VZM gives you incredible tonal expansion potential – up manua, patches and cwsio setups are literally at your fingertips. This is the rack version of the VZ-1 iPD synthesizer.

Casio VZ-10M Manuals

Features at a glance. And a number of VZM functions feature “graphic editing” capabilities. Casio perfected the PD synthesis found in the CZ series, and the result offers impressive sounds. Another dulcis in fundo – very well programmed harp sound.

The on-board waveforms are among the purest I’ve ever heard on a synth.