The Draft Guidelines, which review the existing CEBS Guidelines on Outsourcing published in (CEBS Guidelines), are the EBA’s. on outsourcing. by PLC Financial Services. Related Content. CEBS: Guidelines on outsourcing. by PLC Financial Services. Related Content. They review the existing Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) guidelines on outsourcing, which were published in

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CEBS: Guidelines on outsourcing

The Guidelines provide the responsibilities of the management body for the establishment of an appropriate framework for outsourcing, its implementation and application in a group, the due diligence process and risk assessment before entering in such arrangements. Our website uses cookies and similar technologies to allow us to promote our services and enhance your browsing experience.

The Guidelines specify a set of aspects that should be encoded within the written outsourcing agreement. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how the FCA responds to the introduction of the outsourcing guidelines and, as a result, repeal of the Cloud Recommendations which are scheduled to come into effect after the UK has left the EU.

This approach was challenged at the Public Consultation on the grounds it could lead to operational risk, in particular in connection with cloud outsourcing arrangements. The draft Guidelines set out a number of requirements as to how risk is to be assessed.

According to the draft Guidelines, they will apply to outsourcing arrangements entered into on or after 30 June this is an indicative date. Next Steps The Public Consultation consisted of industry bodies, bank representatives, law firms, service providers and industry utilities in deep discussion and questioning the EBA for two hours.

EBA consults on Guidelines on outsourcing

Paul Hermant Partner Belgium. Interestingly the Ghidelines Guidelines do not address the fact that integrating guidelines means that payment institutions and electronic money institutions will, from the effective date of the Draft Guidelines, be subject to the cloud considerations even though such institutions are not currently in scope of the Cloud Recommendations Addressees. It has promised a report or opinion on “cross-border obstacles with regard to innovation” between the beginning of April and end of June The consultation runs until September 24, The Guidelines specify the criteria to assess whether an outsourced activity, service, process or function or part of it is critical or important.


Such advice should always be taken outeourcing acting on any of the matters discussed.

EBA Consults on Outsourcing Arrangements

The Guidelines provide comprehensive and detailed requirements relating to outsourcing, covering both the internal governance duties for institutions and payment institutions using external providers, contractual arrangements with an insourcer outsourceeand supervision over the outsourced functions, not only by the institutions and payment institutions themselves, but also by relevant supervisory authorities. These recommendations, addressed to credit institutions, investment firms, and competent authorities Cloud Recommendations Addresseesexamine the key considerations for a relevant institution that outsources services to a cloud environment.

The Guidelines provide the responsibilities of the management body for the establishment of an appropriate framework for outsourcing, its implementation and application in a group, the. The Guidelines will now apply to credit institutions and investment firms jointly “institutions”as well as payment institutions and electronic money institutions jointly “payment institutions”. If a competent authority considers concentration risk to be too great, then it may order the cessation of such an arrangement.

Financial Institutions should only agree to sub-outsourcing if the service provider undertakes to:. The draft Guidelines apply in fully to intra-group outsourcing arrangements. By Regulatory News June 22, In addition, when outsourcing to third country service providers, a Financial Institution should be satisfied that the service provider acts in a socially responsible manner and adheres to international standards on human rights, environmental protection and appropriate working conditions, including the prohibition of child labour.

EBA Consults on Guidelines on Outsourcing in the EU

Institutions and payment guideoines should ensure that the service provider grants them and their competent authorities complete access to all relevant business premises access rights and unrestricted rights of inspection and auditing related to the outsourcing arrangement audit rights.

The draft Guidelines specify certain minimum requirements that must be included in all outsourcing contracts, as well as a number of additional requirements that apply when outsourcing critical or important functions.


EBA is issued a consultation on the draft guidelines on outsourcing in the EU. December 19, WebPage Regulatory News.

December 17, WebPage Regulatory News. The Draft Guidelines state that intra-group arrangements, as well as third-party outsourcings, must comply with the Draft Guidelines.

Responding to these concerns Bernd Rummel of the Cfbs noted that the competent authorities would be in regular dialogue with In-scope Entities and would not exercise such a right without consultation. This announcement by the FCA albeit made to very little fanfare was generally welcomed by both UK financial institutions and cloud providers as the announcement relieves them of the burden of complying with two sets of guidance which, though similar, included nuanced differences.

The EBA recently published the responses it received to its consultation, including submissions from Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind Out-Law. Below we summarise the key points of the Guidelines.

We remain hopeful that the EBA will address these key issues when it comes to finalise the guidelines in the first quarter of ,” she said. The draft guidelines provide a clear definition of outsourcing and specify the criteria to assess whether or not an outsourced activity, service, process, or function or part of it is critical or important.

The European Banking Authority will issue final guidelines early next year on what banks and other financial institutions should have in place when outsourcing some of their functions to third parties, including cloud providers.

The guidelines also guidelined that institutions must ensure audit and access rights in written outsourcing agreements both for themselves and for competent authorities and institutions are required to maintain a register of all outsourcing arrangements.