This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle Honda CRFX Congratulations on choosing your Honda CRF. Service your Honda CRF with a Cyclepedia service manual. Get full-color photographs, color wiring diagrams, specifications and step-by-step procedures. The Service Manual for your CRF is available from your authorized Honda dealer . It is the same manual your dealer uses. If you plan to do any service on your.

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Page 47 Route the cam chain through the cylinder head. Remove the muffler page No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission. Page 69 Adjustment Procedure 7.

Loosen the rear axle nut. Measure the intake valve clearance and exhaust valve Measure the decompressor arm clearance by inserting Decompressor Arm Clearance Adjustment clearance.

Tighten the muffler B bolt and muffler A bolt. Page 81 Pour the recommended fork oil into the outer tube.

Skip to main content. Remove the fork as described in Fork Oil Change pages 75 — Route the cam chain though the cylinder. Should have the valve clearance checked and the piston replaced after 6 races or 15 hours of use. If you want to check the igni- Coast to a stop, then remove and inspect the spark the same number of turns. Brakes Rein- is probably air in the brake system and it must be bled.


Excellent online CRF manual! Inspect and Clean, Adjust, Lubricate or Replace if necessary. Shift the transmission into neutral. Route the cam chain through the cylinder head. Loosen the intake band screw.


Remove the carburetor top bolts and carburetor top. I had some technical questions majual needed help — I want to say that your staff are nice xrf and provided super communication.

Thank you for your help. Comments Thank you for your help and manaul response to my support request. Every Manual is based on a complete stripdown of the car. Put the breather tube in the steering stem nut. Loosely attach the upper and lower ends of the Subframe Removal clamp. Your Honda CRF online manual is awesome, way better than the printed manual!

CRF450 Honda Manual 2002-2008 CRF450R / 2005-2017 CRF450X

Pre-adjustment Checks To install the carburetor, reverse the removal proce- Before adjusting carburetor settings, check the follow- dures. Coat the clutch plates with transmission oil. Check the flange bolts for tightness.

Install the handlebar, mounting rubbers, washers and mmanual holder nuts and tighten the handlebar holder Install the handlebar pad. Honda CRFR genuine owners maintenance manual. We take care of everything.

CRF Honda Manual CRFR / CRFX – Cyclepedia

CBF cc – All Auction Buy it now. Aluminum corrodes when it comes in contact with dust, The exhaust pipe is titanium and stainless steel, but When washing your CRF always use water or water and mud and road salt. By pressing ‘print’ cgf you will print only current page. Lubrication Commercially prepared drive chain lubricants may be purchased at most motorcycle shops and should be used in preference manjal motor oil.


A ity ethylene glycol based anti-freeze containing corro- coolant loss of 0.

Honda CRF450R Owner’s Manual

Delivery options see all. Remove the fuel tank page Place clean shop towels in the crankcase to keep the Remove the repwir bolt and cylinder.

Page 77 See the The adjuster is set in the standard position when the positions or the adjuster may be damaged. Remember to make all adjustments in one-clik increments. Apply Honda Thread Lock or an equivalent 40 the threads.

Pour the recommended fork oil into the outer tube. Fork Disassembly Pour the fork oil from the outer tube. Remove the seat page Your Honda CRF online service manual is a superb publication. Thanks for producing your Honda CRF manual.

General Service Information Check spoke tension and rim lock nut security. To adjust the rebound damping to the standard setting, proceed as The high speed damping adjuster is effective when repzir Page 17 Inspect the cable carefully for shorts or corrosion.

Remove the disc cover by removing the two bolts. Test ride after each adjustment. Install the newly selected shims on the valve retainers.