CSD7 Servo Drive (EtherCAT Network type) User Manual Catalog Number(s): CSD7_**BN(F)1 Important User Information Solid state equipment has. CSD7 series servo drive have a various power range such as from W to 5KW. The CSD5 is a universal, stand-alone servo drive that can be used. CSD5 is a stand-alone type Servo Drive to use general purpose for overall factory The added features of CSD5 such as linear motor control solution and.

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CSD5 Servo Drive. User Manual. Catalog Number(s): CSD5_xxBX1 – PDF

In sevro, it is recommended for the system with high rigidity such as ball screw has high frequency resonance point to set this value to High; the belt load to Low. As the Set mode, exits without apply the changed value. In addition, if you excessively increase the gains related to velocity control or position control, it can be oscillated.

Six 7-segment LED for display, 2. However, depending on the situraiton, failutre to follow the directions accompanying this symbol may also lead to serious consequences.

Describes precautions upon product installation. Small, light and high speed and torque 5-phase stepper motor driver MD Series Phase Driver Small, light and high speed and torque phase stepper motor driver Features Bipolar constant pentagon drive method Includes auto current down and selfdiagnosis function Low speed More information.

  ISO 8573-4 PDF

Refers to a controller or a device that gives command to the drive and controls it. The width range for the filter is 1 to 20, the depth is 0 to A motor without a brake does not have a motor brake cable.

Forward rotation is set as the CCW direction. The table below is to aid the understanding of parameter group.

CSD5 Servo Drive. User Manual. Catalog Number(s): CSD5_xxBX1

Generally, the number of pulses to be output per one motor rotation is entered. Regenerative resistor is separated or damaged. Connect power cable only to L1 and L2. Overview The user may consume the regenerative energy generated in the load system by increasing the csx5 power of regenerative resistor and installing the external regenerative resistor if the rated power of mounted regenerative resistor consumes small regenerative energy.

Signal Description 1 2 A B 1 2 The figure represents the pin number sfrvo the connector, which can be marked with alphabets tather than the numbers.

CSD5 Servo Drive User Manual |

Refers to the initial value or the value changed and set by the users. Servo drive has self-diagnostic function. Abort Code The following table describes abort code that are sent to the master when SDO communication is abnormal. Read carefully the following Table 53 prior to use. The contents of the monitor mode can be checked regardless of the status of the drive.


To increase the cooling efficiency, install it vertically. Torque Limit when Overtravel Occurs When overtravel occurs except external and internal torque limits described above, you can limit torque as setting separate parameter. Cut-off Frequency of 2nd Notch Filter Ft At this time, the below warning characters are displayed in the status display mode. This product has been replaced by the AxCent family of servo drives. P-9 Seevo and Wiring Operation Mode This section includes brief explanation of the parameters in operation mode.

After the power shall be disconnected to completely turn out thedischarge-confirming lamp, take action on it. The 2nd gain is used while the In-position signal is active. Be careful of the polarity when battery is connected.

CSD5 Servo Drive User Manual

It occurs when the servo drive cannot control motor normaly. Output provides 12 functions and you can freely allocate output signal of each function with three pairs of pins such as pin No.

Confirm the setting value of 0x Ft