Available online at CURCUMA CAESIA ROXB. AND IT’S MEDICINAL. USES: A REVIEW. Sonjit Das, ProdyutMondal and Md. Kamaruz Zaman*. PDF | On Apr 19, , Sonjit Das and others published CURCUMA CAESIA ROXB. AND IT’S MEDICINAL USES: A REVIEW. Black turmeric is known to have certain medicinal values. The curcumin content when I read certain papers, It was very low ~ %. Now I am wondering.

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Table 1 Reducing power of the extracts. Antifungal activity of the essential oil of Curcuma caesia Roxb. Study of the anti-ulcerogenic activity of the ethanolic extracts of rhizome of Curcuma caesia eecc against gastrsic ulcers in experimental animals.

Asian Pac J Trop Med. The rhizomes are then dried in hot sun for 10 to 15 days until hardened. The inhibition of mutagenesis are grouped into two namely desmutagens and bioantimutagens. RESULTS Preliminary phytochemical screening reveals the presence of alkaloids, carbohydrates, reducing sugars, flavonoids, terpenes, steroids, and tannins in the methanolic extract of C. Materials and methods 2.

Curcuma caesia

The standard taken was gallic acid. Heisanam Pushparani DeviP. Antioxidant and Antimutagenic activity of Curcuma caesia Roxb.


Antimutagenic cesia of Mangifera indica L. The mechanism that contributes to the antioxidant capacity of phenols and flavanoids include free radical scavenging ability, hydrogen or electron donation ability, chelation of redox active metals ions, modulation of gene expression and interaction with the cell signalling pathways [36]. Based on the promising antioxidant and reducing activity, ethanolic, methanolic and aqueous extracts were evaluated for their antimutagenic activity by Ames test against indirect acting mutagen cyclophosphamide.

The inhibition mixture was calculated using the formula: Also the biochemical analysis was performed from both the liver and kidney.

Curcuma caesia – Wikipedia

Antioxidant activity The free radical scavenging activity of the rhizome extracts of C. The reaction mixture was incubated for 3 min, followed by the addition of 0. Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references Articles with ‘species’ microformats All furcuma with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Please review our privacy policy.

The present study suggested that the methanolic extract of C. Hussain A, Ramteke A. The animals were kindly procured from the Pasteur Institute, Shillong, India and were acclimatized for 15 days. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

The fractions showed a varied free radical scavenging activity. The samples were prepared in triplicate for each analysis and the mean value of absorbance was obtained. The interaction of the free radicals with polyunsaturated fatty acids, nucleotides and disulphide bonds [5] has been implicated as the major factor to cause the oxidation of the biological compounds and eventually leads to mutations [6] and many degenarative diseases like emphysema, cardiovascular, inflammatory diseases, cataracts, etc.


Curcuma caesia – Wikipedia

With an ceasia increasing cause of cancer due to diet, environment, and carcinogenic virus[ 12 ] conventional drugs have been recommended for cancer patients. Increase in the absorbance values shows the increasing reducing ability of the extracts. The reaction mixtures were cooled and then centrifuged it. Glutathione reduced GSH was estimated following[ 32 ] with slight modifications. Antimutagenicity testing For the experiment with S9 mix, 0.

The free radical scavenging activity of the rhizome extracts of C. D degree under his Guidence. J Adv Pharm Technol Res.