Buy De veghe in lanul de secara (Romanian books) by J.D. Salinger (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. De Veghe in Lanul De Secara De Jd Salinger. 11 likes. Book. Îmi amintesc tot vorbi în New York, la acea vreme fost că Elia Kazan era disperat pentru a face un film de “De veghe în lanul de secară”. I remember the whole.

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Alaturati-va milioanelor de tineri care au citit-o si veti intelege. We all can learn from failure. Antolini patting his head, which he interprets as a homosexual advance. Library of Congress Books that Shaped America. A contemporary version of this novel might be about a school-shooter. Now, that book you asked me to buy for you, The Catcher in the Rye. Holden is the entire point of the book, and your opinion of him as a character is your veyhe of the book in its entirety.

I read it at the suggestion of my husband who thought it was brilliant, and I just found it to be okay. There are many voices in this novel: I actually liked this book.

De veghe in lanul de secara (Romanian books): : J.D. Salinger: Books

Read it if you are interested in discovering what is going on in the disillusioned mind of a mids teenager during three days of crisis in his life where his whole world appears to be falling apart. It’s easy to see why lanjl would think that, but for me the story of Allie and his relationship with his little sister Phoebe give a much more interesting perspective on his character.


Salinger’s ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. And when he rambles on them, it does make you wince and move uncomfortably on your seat. Obviously, before you are one quarter of the way through the book you are aware that he is not illiterate, and that you often must be attentive to what Holden does rather than what he says, in spite of his fascinating narrative voice.

After the play, Holden and Sally go ice skating at Rockefeller Centerwhere Holden suddenly begins ranting against society and frightens Sally. It makes me want to like this book more. There appeared to be no secrets concealed within the pages on overthrowing the establishment or blueprints to raising a rebellion?

The pleasure he gives away, or sets eecara, with all his heart. It would work especially well for someone with a close relationship to a teenager vevhe even for someone who likes to think back on how difficult being a teenager really was.

But, regarding his reading and choice of authors, he has good taste in literature, at least for a teenager. La cateva decenii dupa traducerea de referinta, Editura Polirom propune o versiune noua, tanara, a romanului-cult De veghe in panul de secara.

Treat the grandparents good and get tanner and can you believe they don’t even make town postcards anymore?

Cu sange rece by Truman Capote. I read it fifteen years after the first reading assuming that I had been too young to ‘get it’. Salinger puts readers on a roller coaster that veers from hilarious to heartbreaking — to enlightening — with every curve and hill. In that respect I think it would have been useful to have actually read the book when I originally purchased it, just to give the younger me a reality check.


But the novel is packed with memorable scenes; Holden’s encounter with the pimp, the catcher in the rye dream imagery, the concluding scene in which Holden stands in the rain, watching his ‘kid sister’ on the carousel.

I usually don’t like stories without a clear point, but this book kept me interested. He is conflicted, confused and has mood swings with the best of them. Or at least he is, according to his delusions. His comment to his sister about being a catcher seemed more to be a random chaotic ramble than a life plan of service.

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Translation of “De veghe” in English

He wants to catch them and preserve them as they are, happy and innocent, to save them from becoming adults or, worse, from becoming Holden Caulfield. The Essential Man’s Library: If you don’t go along, if you don’t play the game, then the vast machine that is society will knock you down and even lock you away. Again, he’s comparing himself to Allie and finding himself wanting.

Am i the only person who fails to understand why this book is considered a classic, to me it was boring and tedious and the plot failed to engross me as many other books have?