printer. NOTE: The Owner’s Manual may not be available in your country or region. . Dell MFP. Laser cn. Displays the printer product name. IP Address. Dellâ„¢ Multifunction Color Laser Printer cn User’s Guide Notes, Notices, and Connect a USB cable from the Dell MFP Laser cn to your computer. Click the links to the left for information on the features, options, and operation of your multifunction printer. For information on other documentation included with.

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Connecting Your Multifunction PrinterPage 6 of Installing the New Separator Roller in the Tray1.

Maintaining Your Multifunction PrinterPage 20 of The typefaces you select add personality to a document. To specify the temperature settings value for the fuser unit. Follow the instructions provided with your computer modem and fax application to fax via the computer modem.

To prevent electric shock, always turn off the multifunction printer and disconnectthe power cable from the grounded outlet ddll performing maintenance.

Dell 3115CN All in One Printer User Manual

Connecting the Multifunction Printer to the NetworkTo attach the multifunction printer to a network: Mankal the cover of the fuser unit and remove the jammed paper. For Windows Vista and Windows Server Resetting the Network Interface Card You can reset the network interface card when a network problems occurs.

To use a wireless printer adapter, you must install the Multi-Protocol Card first. Scans an image in dpi. If you are copying a page from a book or magazine, lift the cover until its hinges are caught bythe stopper and then close the cover.

Understanding MenusPage 1 of 61Understanding Mahual your multifunction printer is configured as a network printer available to a number of users, the accessto the Admin Menu menus can be limited. Dell mmfp cleaning the rollers at regular intervals. Scratches, dirt, or oil from your hands on the film of the transfer belt unit may reduce print quality. If the caller leaves a message, the answering machine stores the message as it would normally.


You can also assign the IP address to the multifunction printer when installing the printer drivers with installer. Ensure the width and length guides on the print media sources are adjusted correctly.

Page of Dell All in One Printer CN User Guide |

If you plan to use many downloadable bitmapped or scalable fonts or if you plan to use many different sizes of scalable fonts, you may need to purchase additional memory for your multifunction printer.

PrintingPage 4 of 5prints. Loading Envelopes To load envelopes in the multipurpose feeder, insert the envelopes with the flaps closed and the short-edge of the envelopes facing into the multifunction mmanual.

To set the number of lines in a page. Only accepts faxes from numbers registered in the PhoneBook.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Click Update if you do not see your printer listed or click Add Printer to manually add the IP address. Transparency Inkjet Printer paper cannot be used. You can use one or more group numbers in one operation.

To check the status of remaining consumables and trays. Ensure that the fuser connector is firmly seated. Time Zone Specifies the time zone. To share one telephone line with an answering machine. OwnerDisplays the job owner’s name. Hold the tray with both hands, lift the front slightly, and remove it fromthe multifunction printer. See “Replacing Print Cartridges”.


Non-Dell-brand print cartridges may disable some printer features, reduce print quality and Toner reduce the reliability of your multifunction printer. Installing Optional ModulesPage 45 of 48a. Understanding MenusPage 43 of 61Purpose: NetworkingPage 3 of Insert the tray into the multifunction printer, and push until it stops. To change printer settings that only affect jobs using the PCL emulation printer language. DM Prevention Does not accept faxes including junk fax sent from remote stations.

If a number is already stored in the location you chose, the display shows the number to allow you to change it. Close the document cover. Select the desired properties from the Image Quality and Image Options tabs. If this happens, reduce the number of envelopes in the stack. If you are unable to locate an IP Address for your printer, check that you have disabled the Windows Firewall on your computer, and that your computer is properly connected to your wireless access point or wireless router, and that your USB cable is properly connected to your printer.

No tray size substitute accepted. Network AddressDisplays the port status. System SettingsPage 3 of 3Resetting DefaultsAfter executing this function and rebooting the multifunction printer, all the menu parameters, except theparameters for the network, are reset to their default values. Installing Deell ModulesPage 20 of If it is not listed, turn dell the multifunction printer, unplug the power cable, and reinstall the optional wireless printer adapter.

To print the reports for the total number of pages printed.