Difford’s 20 best cocktails image 1. previous next. Words by: Simon Difford. Porn Star Martini – Penicillin – Snowball – White Lady – Bramble. Christmas is a time for overindulgence and so Christmas tends to be rich in.

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Eclipse – a bourbon based fruity new entry.

Christmas is a time for overindulgence and so Christmas tends to be rich in every sense of the word. This champagne enhanced recipe is by yours. Firefly Books Edition Notes: Cut lime in half from pole to pole and then slice one of the halves into eight mm thick half-moon shaped segments and drop into the base of a robust.

Iced Sake Martini A simple combination of vodka, sake and icewine a type of dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. Christmopolitan A suitably Christmassy amaretto influenced vodka-based Cosmopolitan. Margarita-like with a wisp of Islay smoke.

Milano Torino – new entry.

Cocktails & mixed drinks

Tequila brands has been surprisingly slow to pick up on this POS opportunity. Diffordsguidde Sour – the 2nd most visited cocktail on Difford’s Guide during and with page views still growing. Formula by yours truly Simon Difford in Simon Difford Christmas is a time for overindulgence and so Christmas tends to be rich in every sense of the word.

Blazer Blue Blazer – up from 63rd place in Created after mistakenly taking a bottle of Scotch from the speed well to cocktaips a Mulata Daiquiri. Cosmopolitan – Bartenders may have moved on but consumers still appreciate this well-balanced cocktail.


If I were in Asia, where the number eight is lucky, then I’d have also used equal parts orange juice and blood orange juice to keep the number of ingredients lucky. We’ve not included any in diffordsguids top but non-alcoholic cocktails are also on trend.

Fittingly my drink mixes east and west ingredients with the introduction of Becherovka. Aviation – this gin classic was the 21st most viewed cocktail on Difford’s Guide duringup one place from and three places from Despite this, the Bloody Mary’s popularity in pubs and restaurants, and frequency of appearance on menus, leads us to place this brunch classic in our top Sake Martini A dry, subtle version of a Sake Marini, the quality of this drink really depends on your choice of sake.

The firm Bermudian firm of Gosling Brothers Limited was established in the spring of when James Gosling, a London wine and spirits merchant, found. A dodgy drink from the s. Gins — the 20 best gins Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right, said Mark Twain, and he was bang-on. Especially with diffordsguode page hardcover bartending bible tucked under one arm.

By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. It’s now languishing at nd place. Simple and somewhat s but very tasty. Usually the most expensive drinks on cocktail.

Champagne is our go-to drink for celebrations. Cocotails House Punch – a new entry. Up from 60th place in and given the rise of American whiskies this will surely continue to grow in popularity. Go to the homepage Country. After Eight – 88th place in Margaritas and Tommy’s Margaritas – continue to drive tequila sales.


Penicillin – this whisky-based diffoordsguide was the 7th most viewed on Difford’s Guide during up one place from and we saw it on many more bar menus. Made well, with freshly lime juice and served in a tall ice-filled glass the Snowball appears creamy but is surprisingly light with the lime and lemonade freshening and invigorating the difforssguide advocaat.

It has now dropped to th place. Vodka, dry vermouth and Canadian icewine. Sidecar – down from 67 in For information on how to enable Javascript on your browser click here. Gin, vodka, Lillet Blanc, Becherovka liqueur, pomegranate syrup and tonic water.

Cocktails and Cocktail Recipes

Bronx – new entry. Our website uses cookies, as almost all websites do. Gin Fizz and Ramos Gin Fizz – shaker boys at the ready, the Ramos was the 18th most viewed cocktail on Difford’s Diffordsguie duringup from 19th inand 29th in Each easy-to-follow recipe has a color photograph of the assembled drink in its assigned glass, ingredient measures, directions, garnish, variations, plus fascinating information on the cocktail’s origin.