Editorial Reviews. Review. –“The book isn’t a typical cookie-cutter love triangle. As far as : Double Clutch: Brenna Blixen Series #1 (A Brenna Blixen Novel) eBook: Liz Reinhardt: Kindle Store. What happens when you fall for the perfect guy twice in one day? Brenna Blixen spent her freshman year homeschooling in Denmark; now. What happens when you fall in love with the perfect guy twice in one day? Brenna Blixen Double Clutch: A Brenna Blixen Novel Book 1 by Liz – Goodreads.

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I also loved how she put herself and her dreams first so many times other than making it all about a boy or friends.

Double Clutch

Tara rated it it was amazing Sep 29, And thats a lot for me, because I’m the pickiest reader out there. The funny thing is that Brenna starts out as a strong character to begin with – she’s pretty confident and sure of herself with a nice dose of independence. Vouble from Double Clutch.

And it’s definitely new to Brenna. Which would make me run the other way. When she isn’t writing, Liz Reinhardt teaches a fantastic group of diverse 8th graders in Savannah, GA. Basically everything your mother ever warns you about. On to the next! There are two guys in this story. We particularly get to see a lot more of Saxon — both his softer side, and his bllxen side – and come to understand why he is the way he is. And Saxon nice tats!


Can’t wait to see what Slow Twitch has in store!

Brenna Blixen Novels Bundle: Double Clutch, Junk Miles, Slow Twitch by Liz Reinhardt

Lets bliixen the boys. I was surprised how much I liked Double Clutch. Saxon is changing, kind of, however he is really trying to win her over. The Key to Everything. It just worked for me as a YA romance in a way that few others have ever done.

Double Clutch (Brenna Blixen, book 1) by Liz Reinhardt

Liz Reinhardt is a perpetually homesick NJ native who migrated to the deep South a decade ago with her funny kid, motor-head husband, and growing pack of mutts. I have a harder time reading YA stories since its been awhile since I have been in that era She cares for both guys, ultimately picks one but lying about how she feels about the other. As the space between us disappeared completely, he deepened the kiss, urging my mouth open and sliding his tongue in.

Life happens and you have to make choices i would say Brenna learned a big lesson from her choices. Log in now or Create an account. He knows how to stir things ups.

She’s a fanatical book lover with no reading prejudices and a wide range of genre loves, but her heart will always skip a beat for YA. It flows easily, and the pacing of the story is perfect. Oct 02, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it really liked it Shelves: Will she go with her heart or will she go with her feelings? Jake is a great guy and a wonderful boyfriend. What happens when you fall in love with the perfect guy That being said, she didn’t keep in touch with friends she left after eighth grade, so really she’s going into this like a total new girl at a new school.


Individually I rated the books 3 stars, but the series as a whole deserves 4.

Double Clutch (Brenna Blixen #1) by Liz Reinhardt

Liz Reinhardt i adored your first book but i didnt like this one that much gotta be honest Brenna just made me dizzy and nauseous. It took me a few days to bkixen back to it when I realized how courageous it was for Brenna to be honest with herself about her conflicted feels.

Slow Twitch Summer scatters three friends, ties them back together, and makes them question who they have been and who they want to be in the future. Even though it involves a love triangle, the writer does an excellent job. But Junk Miles, not as much. Thank you Liz for portraying that in Brenna.