The Deeper Meaning of Liff: A Dictionary of Things There Aren’t Any Words for Yet–But There Ought to Be [Douglas Adams, John Lloyd] on Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Does the sensation of Tingrith(1) make you yelp? This edition has been revised and updated, and includes The Deeper Meaning of Liff, giving fresh appeal to Douglas Adams and John Lloyd’s . The Meaning of Liff has ratings and reviews. Joshua Nomen-Mutatio said: When I first encountered this book in a friend’s bathroom I definitely.

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Jon Canter’s liff-writing masterclass. Some of this was really funny and spot on and some was less so. Sudden realisation, as you lie in bed waiting for the alarm to go off, adamz it should have gone off an hour ago.

To spray the person you are talking to with half-chewed breadcrumbs or small pieces of whitebait. Reading this book while working at Neu-Art Signs in Toronto.

This text uses place names to describe some of these meanings. We’ll showcase our favourites on the site and meaninb you if you’ve won the competition. Hypothetical object at which a lazy eye is looking. Da tenere a portata di mano e sfogliare quando capita alla ricerca della parola adatta per ogni occasione.

The book was released in the UK mesning November in time for the Christmas market. The book used place names mainly from the Netherlands, as well as a handful from neighbouring Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Meaning of Liff – Wikipedia

Anything used in lieu of a toothpick. Order by newest oldest recommendations. The most powerful esher of recent years was ‘damped down’ by Red Astair after an incredible sixty-eight days’ fight in Manchester’s Piccadilly Station. They step to the left, step to the right, apologise, step to the left again, apologise again, bump into each other and repeat as often as unnecessary. Of the hands and feet.


The action of looking for something all over again in the places you’ve already looked. Jul 24, BMK aams it it was amazing Recommends it for: To hold out hope for a better invitation until the last minute.

Tiny melted plastic nodule which fails to help fasten a duvet cover. A liff is a familiar object or experience that English has no word for. Of a person whose heart is in the wrong fhe i. This gives the impression of hurrying without having any practical effect on their speed whatsoever.

A knob of someone else’s chewing gum which you unexpectedly find your hand resting on under the passenger seat of your car or on somebody’s thigh under their skirt.

Douglas Adams. The Meaning of Liff

The desire of married couples to see their single friends pair off. The rather unconvincing noises of pretended interest which an adult has to make when brought a small dull object for admiration by a child. Someone else’s throaty cough which obscures the crucial part of the rather amusing remark you’ve just made. The person in an xdams that everyone whinges about in the pub. Medical The substance from which the unpleasant little yellow globules in the corners of a sleepy person’s eyes are made.

Retrieved 12 November Makes you look at life differently, giving a new kind of appreciation for details in life you probably never think about, bringing a feeling of universal connection between all things, living or not.

The Meaning of Liff

Would have been more enjoyable to read slowly bit by bit over time instead of trying to plow right through my lifff copy. All stiff and achey in the morning and trying to remember why. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I think that the only reason I put off reading this book for so long is that this is the last thing I’ll ever read of the amazing Douglas Adams.


Douglas Adams is amazing as expected. Trivia About The Meaning of Li Open Preview See a Problem? Works by Douglas Adams. In life o, indeed, in doublas, there are many hundreds of common experiences, feelings, situations and even objects which we all know and recognize, but for which no words exist. A mood of irrational irritation with everyone and everything. I will remember this read forever. Hannah Griffiths, who acquired Lloyd’s new “dictionary” for Douglaa, said: My only suggestion with this book is that it not be read all at once.

A joke told my someone who completely misjudges the temperament of the person to whom it is told.

According to Adams’ account, the idea behind The Meaning of Liff grew out of an old school game and started when he and Lloyd were on holiday together in Corfu in during the writing of the first Hitchhiker’s novel.

Pedestrians who have chosen to cross a road immediately in front of an approaching vehicle generally give a little wave and break into a sturry.

The uncontrollable twitching which breaks out when you’re trying to get away from the most boring person at a party. Aug 22, Jennifer Evans rated it it was amazing.