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The lower housing part 12 is completed by an upper housing part 15, wherein between the two housing parts the flange 16 of a closing part 17 is inserted, which closes off the interior of the pump upwards in such a way that the permanent magnet 13 is located within the interior space, while the permanent magnet 14 outside is arranged.

So sind jedem Rotor 6, 7 jeweils vier, also insgesamt acht Sichelnuten zugeordnet, und zwar dem Rotor 6 die Sichelnuten 33, 35, 37, 39 und dem Rotor 7 die Sichelnuten 34, 36, 38, The spring itself can not contribute to the defects of the system in the manner of the present invention. Zwischen zeicnung Federtellern 25 ist auf der Stange 17 ein Schieber 28 angeordnet. With these measures, the air motor of the prior art rotary hand drill is subject to a sound intensity of about 98 dB.

DEB4 – hose reel – Google Patents

Generally speaking, the Jonathan does not allow efficient use of in the rechargeable air reservoir of stored pressurized air and as such can not reach to that of the present invention comparable period of operation.

Compressed air motor according to one of claims 1 to 13, characterized in that the outer casing 3 consists in a known manner from an entropy-elastic material. DE DEB4 en Compressed air motor according to one of claims 1 to 9, characterized in that between druckouftmotor outlet plenum 13 and the air outlet duct 5 an additional filter 44 is arranged.

The three functions of the hose reel are the following: ABS piston pump, driven by electric motor is made of simply manufactured parts easily assembled to form unit. Embodiments of the invention are shown in the drawing way of several figures and explained in detail in the following description.

The engine includes a selectable can be filled with air air tank and an intake manifold having an engine air inlet in fluid communication with the air tank, wherein the inlet means for supplying compressed air to the A container through the intake manifold. Kind code of ref document: A2 Designated state s: The dip tube 1 is made of aluminum and of an impeller of a pump 4 and lower part 5 is in the lower region towards the middle and upper region for receiving a lower bracket 2 for a shaft 3 widened.


To further reduce the sound intensity, it has proved advantageous to arrange an additional filter between the outlet plenum and the air outlet duct. Adjusting system for e.

The second arm 57 of the hollow holding fork 55 in the compressed air engine 1 to the compressed air inlet 60 via the O-ring seals 61 and zeichnuny hollow screw 69 pressure-tight with the outer casing 3 connectable and at a remote location thereof with a connection piece 62 for the unillustrated pressurized air supply line provided. These and other zeichhung of the invention are objects of the dependent claims.

Here we mean by the chamber volume in a gear motor, the volume of a tooth space, whereas the volume between two adjacent slats, the wall of the inner housing and the rotor shell surface is meant in close proximity before the outlet of the air as a vane motor under the chamber volume.

To further sound insulation of the outlet plenum is advantageously formed partially on the flat, through the spaces between the inner and the outer shell and partly of box-like or spherical expansion spaces. Compressed air motor according to one of claims 1 to 12, characterized in that the outlet end 45 of the air outlet duct 5 is bulged like a trumpet.

Further advantageous features of the invention can be gathered from the claims and will be described below with reference to the drawings. As soldering, welding, casting or by a suitable press fit, good heat-conductively connected with the metallic material of the wall of the inner housing.

DEC2 – – Google Patents

Also, the guide sleeve 13 is biased in the portion 5 by the spring 18 mounted in an axially displaceable ver. The volume of Sichelnuten 11 is about to 0,fache 0,fache the chamber volume of the associated rotor 6, 7, 8.

In the manual controller 52, the switch line 53 has a closeable by a manual valve 54 outlet. Further, the Jonathan possesses two different exhaust channels, one in the housings the lower Zylin and the other in the upper cylinder housing.

DE3613640C2 – – Google Patents

Der Beginn der nach oben gerichteten Bewegung des Kolbens The beginning of the upward movement of the piston 54 54 ist in is in 4 4 dargestellt, wobei dieser der Grad-Position des Nockens entspricht.


Gears for wind power installation with gear and shaft coupling planetary and spur gear stages of one piece construction. In this case, in section 2 the valve 6 between the pipe stub 7 for the compressed air and the air motor 8, zeivhnung connection with a distance piece 9 with bearings and an air outlet, and a drive 10 with the clutch shaft and the gear 11 in From section 3 accommodated.

It is an object of the present invention to provide an improved compressed air expansion engine having particular use druckluftmotkr a power source for toy vehicles. Die Hauptmotorwelle The main motor shaft 38 38 ist mittels Lagern is by means of bearings 40 40 und and 42 42 an einem Nocken on a cam 44 44 angebracht siehe auch attached see also 2A 2A bis to 2C 2C. Fixed-body toy vehicle having differential thrust and unassisted liftoff capability.

To first address the above reference to Akiyama, this differs from that of the present invention in a number of material points of view, the differences in the respective intake and discharge mechanisms and in zeichjung relationship of the engine piston tung to the Lufteinlasseinrich into the interior of the engine differs lock in.

In the illustrated in Fig. Diese Teile sind nicht Gegenstand der vorliegenden Erfindung.

DE19842081B4 – hose reel – Google Patents

Einschienenhaenge- or -standbahnenzug for underground mining, which is connected to a braking trolley. Fluid-cooled pump with magnetic clutch for hot liq. Is guided with air-oil outlet and possibly silencer.

As a result of this caused via the piston rod 32 displacement of the cam guide 34 to the right 35 now presses the right branch of the curve the plunger 37 of the right amount of flow regulator 36 a. It is supported a sufficiently large amount of liquid through the brush without the cleaning liquid is sprayed by too much pressure. The oiled, exiting the air motor exhaust air is then directed onto the targeted belt drive from sprocket and chain.