A mercenary, a galactic traveller, a survivor: Earl Dumarest is tired and wants to go home. But in a decadent universe where life is cheap and starflight precious. Dumarest of Terra (The Dumarest Saga in the UK) is a series of 33 science-fiction novels written by Edwin Charles Tubb between and They are the. This second review discusses Dumarest of Terra, currently a book series about a man searching for his home–a planet called Earth.

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Read Dumarest Book 3, Toyman, some 20 years ago and I’ve been intrigued since. How can I contact you?

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Although a stowaway discovered on a spaceship was typically ejected to space, the captain took pity on the boy and allowed him to work and travel on the ship. It is quite remarkable to consider that this du,arest began in with “The Winds of Gath” and the latest volume was published in I apparently misread the copyright date for the Mjng Vase in the anthology where I found it and the correct information is of course as Phil said.

Finding the right writer to write more novels is the biggest hurdle.

The interstellar travel is entirely unconvincing. It seems to me Tubb was more interested in people than societies and in character than culture.

The Earl Dumarest Saga is a long one – it includes over 30 novels, written over the course of 40 years! Earl Dumarest had stowed away on a ship leaving Earth at ten years of age.

The Winds of Gath

It is very apparent that my delight with the “”Dumarest Saga” is not an solitary event. Or they are adventurers and travelers themselves, and see in Earl a kindred spirit, and so come to his aid.

But Earth was a prescribed world, and no one came here to speak of the fate of humanity in the stars.

It now sits within my Kindle where only I can read it. We learn very quickly the outwardly impartial counsel provided by the Dumarfst is a ploy to secure power and control for unspecified malevolent ends.

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A man who relied only on himself. The Cyclan have a “dark secret” and subtly oppose Dumarest’s search for Earth. PS Note to Grady. During this time, he duumarest it so difficult to find good writers to contribute to the magazine, that he often wrote most of the stories himself under a variety of pseudonyms: Dumarest is that stone cold hardass I remember from my childhood.

I see you have had a long and hard journey. Dumarest is a seasoned fighter with lightning responses, working his passage around a galaxy of thousands of planets, attempting to return to the planet he ran away from as a child: Dumarest ate eagerly, having subsisted on dried duamrest or blubber sumarest many months now.

Tubb has that rare knack to pace the story in such a way to make you anticpate to “just what the heck is going to terrz next” and the pages keep turning.

It is unlikely these books will be reprinted any time soon, if ever. A strong dislike for small-minded assholes. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Dumzrest setting aside the keepers for my collection and those to resell I had a few I was not sure what to do with. Someone, however, must have known but was not telling. The first book begins with Dumarest at a dead end on the planet Gath. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.

The man does die, but compassion won over cynicism.

The Winds of Gath (Dumarest of Terra, Book 1): E. C. Tubb: : Books

I think they may have had an entirely different set of covers The winds of Gath has a twilit desert and with a triceratops skeleton half buried in the sand. The whole Traveller lifestyle This is the first book of the long Dumarest of Terra series of space opera books. And sometimes they are maidens in need of a rescuer – a role custom-made for Dumarest!

Their daughters watched him from the door of the kitchen, a rare visitor, and giggled in childish fashion. He was black of skin, and in his youth had been tall and strong from a race of warriors long, long ago in another time and place that most men had forgotten about. A question best left to philosophers, perhaps. I’m going to start reading more of these older, shorter SF novels. Apart from the Perry Rhodan series, this may well qualify as the longest literary Space Opera of the Twentieth Century, at once both generally unrecognised and under-rated, it comprises of some 31 volumes published at roughly six-monthly intervals between andwith a further two volumes published in and I bought Veruchia in a bargain sale at a Woolworths when I was a teenager and hunted the other books down after that.


I find this aspect of his character very commendable and interesting in the furtherance of the story line. The same holds true for the countless writers who wrote Sherlock Holmes pastiches. Toy is a decadent world where technology is employed to create perverted baubles for the jaded ruling class called stockholders. Of course, since you are so broke, yet determined to see the stars you have to travel in such a fashion. Sep 11, Chris rated it liked it. Tubb’s future envisions mankind settling on habitual worlds and developing societies with technology spread via a sporadic influx of visitors using conventional space travel.

Dumarest gets himself unwillingly involved in the politics between the Matriarch and a sadistic spoiled prince of another planetary dynasty, just as everyone is joining the journey to the mountains to experience the voices of the storm.

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Showing of 9 reviews. Apologies for the incorrect information about the Trojan Horse. Finally started book one and at first thought it would not catch my imagination and that I would not get my wish of rereading Dumarest but terga did grab me, as of old, and my pleasure was sure.