Written in the first part of the fifth century, this work is a charming record of the observations of a Christian woman on a lengthy pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. This new version of the late fourth-century diary of journeys in and around the Holy Land known as the Itinerarium Egeriae provides a more. About Egeria. Egeria, one of the earliest documented Christian pilgrims, visited the most important destinations of pilgrimage in the eastern Mediterranean.

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Curiously enough, however, on the afternoon of Pentecost p. Bernard, and an appendix on the topography by Sir C.

Egeria (pilgrim)

They crossed it in a ship and came to Bathnae in Osrhoeneand from thence arrived at Edessa, the chief goal egeriaa her desires, where she stayed three days and had a busy and very interesting time. We had, therefore, to cross that valley in order to reach the mountain. He must be forgiven, therefore, if he has failed some- times to do justice to her ideas and to the researches on which she had so long been engaged, and if there is a certain amount of confusion in arrangement and of discrepancy between her part of the volume and his.

And on the third weekday all things are done as on the pilgrimsge week- day.

They showed us where they all had their dwelling places in the valley, the foundations of which dwelling places appear to this day, round in form and made with stone. Naville in Goshen, pp.

The Pilgrimage of Egeria

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lists with This Book. And the same is done at the ninth hour as at the sixth.

It is for their sake, then, that they may finish their fast the sooner, that the dismissal piogrimage the Sabbath at the Anastasis is before sunrise. Thereupon the holy men immediately deigned to show us the various places. The 1 Valerius’s characteristic summary, for all its loose grammar and rhetorical exaggeration, is worth quoting: Valerius, chap, ii, cum omni exultatione et letitia inter crebra orationum preconia salutaris Deo obtulit hostias.

Egeria (pilgrim) – Wikipedia

Here we should no doubt read in flortam LXX, ini nv. Besides that she displays great intel- ligence and exercises great powers of observation and appreciation of what she sees and hears wherever she goes.

Valerius himself lived in the second half of the seventh century, and is chiefly known as the biographer of his contemporary S. Moreover, there are hanging everywhere a vast number of great glass chandeliers, and there are also a vast number of cereofalaf before the Anastasis, before the Cross and behind the Cross, for the whole does not end until darkness has set in.


And if any one cannot do even this, he keeps two days’ fast in the week xiary through Quadragesima, and they who cannot do even this, take a meal every evening. Thanks are first given to God, then prayer is made for all, after which the deacon bids all bow their heads, where they stand, and the bishop standing within the inner rails blesses them and goes out, each one drawing near to his hand as he makes his exit.

The plain is a lilgrimage great one, lying under the mountains of Arabia above the Jordan ; it is the place of which it is written: It will be observed that Etheria’s ear pilgrimagf the ever- recurring antiphon: If anything furtiier remains to tell and her life is fiary, she will relate it in person or in another letter.

On the fourth weekday everything is done as on the second and third weekdays throughout the whole day from the first cockcrow onwards, but after the dismissal has taken place at the martyrium 4 by night, 1 The Old Arm. So if Jesus our God bids it, and I come home, you too shall read them, ladies, my own souls. He is four times mentioned at Pilgrikage as ” lifting his voice ” to announce the place of the next service and to invite the congregation to attend pp.

Egeria: diary of a pilgrimage – Egeria – Google Books

And so every one hastens back to pilgrimagee house to eat, because immediately after they have eaten, all go to Eleona to the church wherein is the cave where the Lord was with His Apostles on this very day. I LXX 28 xiv. And pilgrimags from Antioch it is nearer to Mesopotamia, it was very convenient for me at God’s bidding that as I was returning to Constantinople, and my way lying through Antioch, I should go thence to Mesopotamia.

McClure has said in her footnote on p. All these cities which we saw were situated on mountains, but a little below them the ground seemed to be flatter.

When, therefore, at God’s bidding, we had arrived at egeriaa summit, and had reached the door of the church, lo, the priest who was appointed to the church came from his cell pilgrimags met us, a hale old man, a monk from early life, and an ascetic, as they say here, in short one worthy to be in that place ; the other priests also met us, together with all the monks who dwelt on the mountain, that is, such as were not hindered by age or infirmity.

For if you look at the veils, they are made wholly of silk striped with gold, and if you look at the curtains, they too are made wholly of silk striped with gold. She speaks also of the fast after Pentecost p. Mas’oudy, the Arab traveller and historian of the tenth century, thus describes it: It was from Egypt by way of Rome that monasticism was quite early brought to western Europe, and there for some time it retained many of its more especially Eastern char- acteristics.


As late as the twelfth century we still find the word in use. This he has been very glad to do, and begs to acknowledge his indebtedness to his Grace for them, as well as to others who have con- tributed to the production of the book in its present form, and in particular to the Rev.

She had just before probably ascended “the mountain of Faran,” where the hands of Moses were uplifted during the battle with Amalek Exod. For I hope that your affection will believe me [when I say that], as far as I could see, the children of Israel marched in such wise that as far as they went to the right, so far did they turn back to the left ; as far as they went for- ward, so far did they return backward, journeying thus until they reached the Red Sea.

On the sixth weekday everything is done as on the fourth, in- cluding the going to Sion at the ninth hour, and the escorting of the bishop thence to the Anastasis with hymns. Bible has “the field of Zophim. The Pilgrimage of Etheria. The route lay past Dizry Pi-hahirothwhere there was a Roman garrison, then through two other forts, Migdol and Baal-zephon, and onwards by way of Etham, Succoth, Pithom another fort to Heroopolis then only a large villageon a branch of the Nile and within the borders of Egypt.

But to return to the matter in hand: But the water which dlary Persians had diverted was dried up at dkary hour, so that they who were besieging the city had nothing to drink for even one day ; which thing is plain to the present time, for no moisture of any sort has ever been seen there from that day to this. The LXX has Gen.

Now as soon as the first cock has crowed, the bishop arrives and enters the cave at the Anastasis ; all the doors are opened and the whole multitude enters the Anastasis, where countless lights are already burning. Bernard reads qui deliquari and translates: Marana and Cyra visited both Jerusalem and S. It is the earliest extant graphic account of a Pilgfimage pilgrimage.