Machinedrum SPS-1 Sequencer pdf manual download. Also for: Limited warranty Elektron synthesizers are sold with one year full warranty . Documents, presets, manuals Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII – Audiofanzine. This document briefly covers the new functions of the new SPS-1UW. User Wave, the sample enabled Machinedrum. Unfortunately the. Users manual has not.

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Elektron machinedrum sps-1 uw mkii manual high school

EQF controls which center frequency that will be affected by the EQ gain. GAP – Changes the hi-hat gap. HARD – Adds the impression of a hard hit. TRX is inspired by classic analogue drum machine synthesis.

It elektrob be used all over the globe without the need of voltage converters using an appropriate power cord. To start the playback of a song, press [PLAY]. Press and hold the [TRIG] key for the step where you want to add a lock.


The bar below the elktron shows the progress of each sent sample. TICK – Adds a tick to make the start harder. HP – High pass filter frequency. The information in this manual may change without notice. Rack Mount Kit accessory Stereo headphones output. The settings of effects are saved in the kit as well. This site makes use of cookies to save preferences, logins and shopping carts.

Sidstation (1998)

Note though that all swing tracks use the same percent- age of swing. Some of its functionality can resemble tape loops and solid state CCD delays. The Q value controls how much the volume is boosted around the low pass and high pass machinsdrum cut off frequencies. When the flektron is turned on the samples stored in the ROM machines will be loaded instantly.

Bends the pitch of the drum up percussion sounds with individual control.

SYSEX pattern dump request: Machinedrum The Machinedrum was a drum machine based on machhinedrum original drum synthesis methods. ATCK – The input gate attack time.


Page of Go. BEND – Pitch bend depth. In its default state, the 16 [TRIG] keys represent 1 bar of 16th notes. This is where you arrange your patterns into a song. Limited Warranty Limited warranty Elektron synthesizers are sold with one year full warranty.

Midi Slektron Reference Appendix B: Enter text from picture: Monomachine The Monomachine stood out. A power supply is included with all MKII models. Limited warranty Elektron synthesizers are sold with one year full warranty.

Elektron – Machinedrum – User Manual (English)

RDEC – Speed of pitch ramp. MDEC – The modulation decay time.

Once you have entered a column, it will be highlighted and now you can use [UP] and [DOWN] to choose from the available options. A set of infinite loops can be very useful in a live setting.