The Word of the Lord: Verbum Domini: Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation En su carta encíclica Sobre La Esperanza Cristianae, el Papa Benedicto XVI. “L’enciclica ‘Providentissimus Deus’ nel settantennio della sua promulgazione.” Sacra Doctrina, 8 (), Verbum Domini, 44 (), 17– APPENDIX ONE . of God in the Life and Mission of the Church, Verbum Domini (30 Sep ).

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The missions of the Son and the Holy Spirit are inseparable and constitute a single economy of salvation. In the liturgical action too, we encounter his word which accomplishes what it says. The Church already has a significant presence in the world of mass communications, and her magisterium has frequently intervened on the subject, beginning with the Second Vatican Council.

It can have a certain prophetic character cf. Here I would like especially to deal with approaches which fail to respect the authenticity of the sacred text, but promote subjective and arbitrary interpretations. Every liturgical action is by its very nature steeped in sacred Scripture. As part of the enhancement of the word of God in the liturgy, attention should also be paid to the use of song at the times called for by the particular rite.

We cannot keep to ourselves the words of eternal life given to us in our encounter with Jesus Christ: Our responsibility is not limited to suggesting shared values to the world; rather, we need to arrive at an explicit proclamation of the word of God.

Enchiridion Vaticanum 17, Nos.

The Synod on the Eucharist had already called for greater care to be taken in the proclamation of the word of God. Enchiridion Vaticanum 16, No. Apostolic Letter Mulieris Dignitatem 15 August I think too of the ancient language expressed by iconswhich from the Eastern tradition is gradually spreading throughout the world.

Enchiridion Vaticanum13, No. Bind them to me. Here too I would like to emphasize the very significant witness to the relationship between the Holy Spirit and Scripture which we find in the texts of the liturgy, where the word of God is proclaimed, heard and explained to the faithful. Chronological list of ecumenical councils.

It is good that in parishes and in hospitals, according to circumstances, community celebrations of the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick should be held. Verbo crescente, verba deficiunt.


And now the way to him is open. This page was last edited on 24 Augustat Verbum dei, quod virtus dei est in salutem omni credenti cf.

AAS 55 Here I would mention that the great verbmu tradition has always considered meditation on sacred Scripture to be an essential part of its specific spirituality, enciclca in the form of lectio divina. Biblical Roots of Christian Conduct 11 May As his mission draws to an end, according to the account of Saint John, Jesus himself clearly relates the giving of somini life to the sending of the Spirit upon those who belong to him cf.

Pope Benedict XVI

This is evident particularly in the Fathers of the Church. Today it is entering a new phase due to the spread of the Gospel and its taking root within different cultures, as well as more recent developments in the culture enciclicaa the West. All reality eniclica this mystery: At the conclusion of these reflections with which I have sought to gather up and examine more fully the rich fruits of the Twelfth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the word of God in the life and mission of the Church, I wish once more to encourage all the People verbumm God, pastors, consecrated persons and the laity, to become increasingly familiar with the sacred Scriptures.

This will favour, in such circumstances, celebrations of the word capable of nourishing the faith of believers, while avoiding the danger of the latter being confused with encilcica of the Eucharist: Instrumentum Laboris Part of authentic parenthood is to pass on and bear witness to the meaning of life in Christ: The divine word also discloses the sin that lurks in the encixlica heart.

The unity of the two levels at work in the interpretation of sacred Scripture presupposes, in a word, the harmony of faith and reason. And in reply to a woman from the crowd who blesses the womb that bore him and the breasts that nursed him, Jesus reveals domiini secret of true joy: It is the task of exegetes to work according to these rules toward a better understanding and explanation of the meaning of Sacred Scripture, so that through preparatory study the judgment of the Church may mature.


Bishops and priestsin accordance with their specific mission, are the first to be called to live a life completely at the service of the word, to proclaim the Gospel, to celebrate the sacraments and to form the faithful in the authentic knowledge of Scripture.

Frecuentes Preguntas y Otros Recursos

Enchiridion Vaticanum13, Nos. This is not to uphold the ecclesial context as an extrinsic rule to which exegetes must submit, but rather is something demanded by the very nature of the Scriptures and the way they gradually came into being. PLB and D. Wherever it seems appropriate, it would be good to create opportunities for encounter and exchange in public as well as in private, and thus to promote growth in reciprocal knowledge, in mutual esteem and cooperation, verbmu in the study of the sacred Scriptures.

For what the Apostles preached in fulfillment of the commission of Christ, afterwards they themselves and apostolic men, under the inspiration of the divine Spirit, handed on to us encicllica writing: AAS 74 Moreover, the New Testament itself claims to be consistent with the Old and proclaims that in the mystery of the life, death and resurrection of Christ the sacred Scriptures of the Jewish people have found their perfect fulfilment.

Pope Benedict XVI shows how prayer has sustained culturally diverse people of faith throughout the years and how it continues to refine our sense of direction and focus.

The laity are called to exercise their own prophetic role, which derives directly from their Baptism, and to bear witness to the Gospel in daily life, wherever they find themselves.

Frequent reading of the divine Scriptures is encouraged for all the Christian faithful, and prayer veerbum accompany the reading of Sacred Scripture, “so that God and man may talk together”. If it leads us away from him, then it certainly does not come from the Holy Spirit, who guides us more deeply into the Gospel, and not away from it.