Eligible equipment appears on the list “Energielijst” of the EIA. Renewable Energy Description: The tax Last modified: Mon, 30 Jul CEST. A solar city strategy applied to six municipalities: integrating market, finance, and policy factors for infrastructure‚Äźscale photovoltaic. Ten opzichte van het plan van een aantal belangrijke stappen gezet. Het is mogelijk om voor een nieuwe energielijst voorstellen in te.

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Nowadays, state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to combine data and knowledge. Investments in energy savings should be profitable for the investor, but this is not the case in the Czech and Slovak republics today. Based on this analysis, a future scenario is derived for petrochemical industrial energy use for the period This sector is seeking new methods for making hydrogen for its future energy needs.

Environmental issues of Ukrainian energy sector. General principles of cartel control in the economic sector at large are compared to specific conditions in the energy sectorrevealing the differences in competences of the cartel authority.

dutch energy sector: Topics by

Available rooftop area derived from sources run through methodology provided by Ref. All these organizations have their own different sets of interests. Energielinst vision is presented of the MKB-Nederland Dutch association for small and medium-sized enterprises or MKB, abbreviated in Dutch on the consequences of the liberalization of the electricity sector in the Netherlands for the MKB and other small-scale users of energy.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector. Relevant European guidelines and accompanying procedures are outlined. Energy performance policy in its current shape will therefore not contribute to the diffusion of really new innovation in energy techniques for residential buildings in the Netherlands.

OECD Publishing ; Hence, the results point towards a failure of actual energy policies to address the service sector.

Energy Investment Deduction (EIA)

The analysis identifies those markets and niches where opportunities exist for increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy use. Recent Facts about Photovoltaics in Germany.

It is shown that least-cost planning could make a key contribution to operations scheduling of public utilities, in the establishment and implementation of local and regional energy concepts, and especially in the theory and practice of state supervision of the energy sector. In this paper we analyse the impact of profits on investment using data from the Dutch manufacturing sector in a simple Kaleckian investment model.


Major players, markets shares, and recent trends and developments are given for each of these activities. Prijsvergelijk electriciteit in Dutch. But with the increasing demands for reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, the sector ‘s conversion to other fuels or energy sources will have a major impact the next years.

The empirical analysis of this ‘non-mainstream’ model confirms conclusions drawn in the context. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs aims to link its transition policy in a broader context to international energy – and climate policy.

This study demonstrates the substantial potential of the solar city concept in each location and outlines a financing strategy to realize the potential. The project builds on the report on ‘Sustainability in the Dutch Power Sector ‘, but is extended with suppliers which do not own generation capacity themselves. E-commerce in the energy sector. In chapters V and VI the nuclear energy network is analysed, and in chapter VII the decision-making concerning some nuclear items is described in a general way.

Chapter 2 describes the official energy statistics for the transport sector and Chapter 3 presents a breakdown of energy use in passenger and freight services for the respective modes.

The results from the study show that, there is no clear case of declining performance of sectors in terms of output, growth and export earnings as a result of the oil production. This brochure provides information on the changes with respect to the yearhow the EIA can be applied, and examples of energy investments the so-called Energy List [ Dutch ] Doel van de regeling Energie -investeringsaftrek EIA is energiebesparing en de inzet van duurzame energie door het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven te stimuleren.

Incidence rates of occupational diseases in the Dutch construction sector The final section of the report compares the companies activities in the Netherlands and draws conclusions based on the companies’ respective performance.


The international competitive position of the Dutch top sectors ; De internationale concurrentiepositie van de topsectoren. The present approach of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to realize a sustainable energy economy is a good start but must be extended and intensified to other sectorse.

A study was conducted to better understand energy issues in the Yukon. Two polar models of economic management in energy sector are distinguished: California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection ; An important question, which the research seeks to answer, is whether a modification in the structure of the sector can lead to the encouragement of reduction in the quantity of waste.

Through this paper, long-term energy demand projections for Croatian industry will be shown. Three concepts are based on an idea of an energy hub – bio hub, geo hub and a solar hub. Energy demand analysis in the industrial sector.

The study provides a review of the current Dutch energy balance, with the role of different energy carriers, based on data for the year and estimates for the year High-efficiency boilers also represent a substantial share of Dutch innovation activities in this domain over the last decades.

The Orimulsion R project, the refining system, the natural gas production, marketing and transmission system, associated future projects for the time frame, and developments in the field of petrochemicals also have been reviewed. Based on a production volume forecast and the development of energy intensity of production, energy consumption of the Dutch petrochemical industry is forecast in Chapter World energy and the Venezuelan energy sector.

The book addresses all relevant aspects of cartel control relating to existing law and the overall context of the energy sector. Sustainability of biomass import for the Dutch energy economy. This short article takes a look at Swiss energy utilities and provides a brief review of the current state of the electricity business in Switzerland.

Evidence from the Dutch manufacturing sector.