Ibalon is an epic from Bicol. This book shows how the first towns of Bicol were established under the leadership of Baltog, Handiong, and Bantong. The three. The three brave heroes who fought the peace of Ibalon (old name of Bicol). The Ib├ílong, also known as Handiong or Handyong, is a stanza fragment of a Bikol .. Ibalon: Tatlong Bayani ng Epikong Bicol. Philippines: Children’s.

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Ibalon: tatlong bayani ng epikong Bicol – Tomas Lacson – Google Books

Once killed, the spirit fell into the sea. It was at this time that the savage monkeys became frightened and hid themselves. Image searching around due to this site after being known as them from the colleague and epik thrilled after i was able to locate it after searching for long time.

The winged sharks mentioned were not really winged sharks but rather manta rays that would sometimes pop out of the water like flying bats. The epic is set in the land of Aslon and Ibalong. Ethnic groups of South Asia and the Pacific an encyclopedia. Dahil dito, ang mga tao ay nagtanim ng isang uri ng palay bilang parangal sa kanya. With sweet words she would entice Handiong, who would search the forests for her.


Nalunod ang maraming tao. True wished to comment to indicate my appreciation for ones website which is very intelligent to do, and a few writers usually do not accumulate acknowledgment they deserve.

This was a golden period in Ibalong. Namatay si Tandayag at kinaladakad niya ito sa buong Ibalon para makita ng mga tao. Muli, nagulo na naman ang katahimikan ng nayon ng Ibalon. Naging lalong maunlad at masagana ang Ibalon. Matapos nito, nagkaroon naman ng sunod-sunod na lindol na sinabayan pa ng pagsabog ng 3 bulkan na Hantik, Kolasi at Isarog.

Sa ngayon, ang alamat ng Ibalon ay aming na lamang ipinapasa sa kabataan sa pamamagitan ng pag-awit. But using his wisdom against Rabot, he did not attack the giant right away. Ano ngayon ang iyong masasabi? Patay ka ngayon sa amin! Nalaman ni Bantong na sa araw ay tulog na tulog si Rabut. Yza, can we use your script for our play?

He was strong and brave. Handiong and his men did not stop until they vanquished every Tiburon. Ibalon ang matandang pangalan ng Bikol. Ang mga tao ay umunlad.

From Ibalon to Sorsogon. Having thus freed the land from wild beasts, he devoted himself to a settled life. The differences of the Ibalong from other Philippine epics may suggest culture differences of the Ancient Bikols from other ancient groups. In one the areas of Ibalong called Ligmanan, Handyong built a town.


Nakaligtas lamang ang ilang nakaakyat sa taluktok ng matataas na bundok.

Ibalon (English version of epic from Bicol) A long, long time ago

Nagalit ang Diyos sa ginawang pataksil na pagpatay kay Rabut. Torn apart from the mainland was Malbogon, now an islet, where lived two witches named Hilan and Lariong.

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These monsters were soon restrained by Handyong to keep waters safe for his followers. A long time ago, there was a rich land called Ibalong. The hero Baltog, who came from Botavora of the brave clan of Lipod, came to epko land when many monsters were still roaming in its very dark forests. After watching him for days, Bantong slew the monster in two parts and brought the corpse to Libmanan where Handiong viewed the remains amidst the loud rejoicing of his people. Known as Oriol, the snake was sometimes serpent sometimes woman.