Manual Operated Telescope and Mount · SynScan To use this new function: 1) Polar align the equatorial mount or level the base of the Alt-Az mount. 2) Finish. Download Size: K | | SynScan GOTO Mount. HEQ5 & EQ6 INSTRUCTION MANUAL (FRENCH). Thanks Optique Unterlinden for providing the. View and Download SKY-WATCHER EQ6 instruction manual online. Telescope Sky-Watcher Star Discovery Mount Instruction Manual. (28 pages). Telescope.

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Once the mount has been polar aligned, it needs to be rotated around only the polar axis to keep an object centred.

Astronomy Now magazine review for Skylinerp. EQ single axis motor drive. Product Review P Flex Tube. Depending on where you live, “Zero” can be anyplace between the E and the W on longitude scale, so first you need to determine where zero is for your location.

Synscan AZ Mqnual review. Page of 29 Go.

These eyepieces are especially valuable for spectacle wearers, as the long eye relief allows the entire field to be viewed whilst spectacles are being worn. When you observe the Moon and the planets, and they appear as though water is mwnual over them, you probably have bad “seeing” Helios Astronomical Telescope Guide.


Collimation is the process of aligning the lenses of your telescope so that the light they collect will focus at the right spot Fig. Collimating A Refractor With The Adjustable Objective-lens Cell Collimation is the process of aligning the lenses of your telescope so that the light they collect will focus at the right spot Fig. The Sky-Watcher 14″ collapsible was very popular the last time it was on sale.



Calculating the magnification power The magnification produced by a telescope is determined by the focal length of the eyepiece that is used with it. Calibrated with master dark and bias files. Collimation is a simple process and works like this: Got it, continue to print.

Page 13 Step 1: Product Manuals — for Downloading. Pull off the dew cap at the front of your telescope and look into the scope. If manial, follow the steps to prepare your mount for precise polar Diagram applicable to both mounts. Sky at night magazine review for Capricon EQ1.

Gathered over a couple of months. Standard Time Zones of the World. Page 25 Battery included. This little telescope is a favourite with astronomers around the world for both visual use and astrophotography. Pointing an Equatorial Manuql. SkyWatcher Pro Evostar review. EQ2 fixed rate single axis motor drive.

Sky-Watcher Australia 3 days ago. Collimation is the process of aligning the mirrors of your telescope so that they work in concert with each other to deliver properly focused light to your eyepiece. Download for PC Download for Mac. Aligning the Primary Mirror Find the three locking screws at the back of your telescope and loosen them by a few turns.


Make sure that all three small alignment screws are tightened to secure the secondary mirror in place. Star Explorer Star Explorer. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 21 alternately loosen one and then compensate for the slack by tightening the other two. If you’re thinking about getting into imaging, you’ll be amazed at what this telescope can produce. This manual also for: Do not reposition the mount base or change the latitude setting.

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Skywatcher user manuals and product reviews

Sky at night magazine review for Explorer Sky at night magazine review for Skymax Includes a 2″ Crayford It’s a great wide field f5 but lightweight instrument. To adapt for this, the optical tube can be very carefully slipped up inside the tube rings Fig.

Digital Imager driver and PhotoLib Mwnual Imager Instruction Manual. The 14″ main mirror offers massive light gathering abilities to let you see the faintest details while observing. Unlock the RA axis and rotate it until the reticule pattern shows the Polaris Location Indicator at the very bottom i. This is a small tube that contains the lenses needed to bring a telescope’s The apparent eeq6 a star would have if pgo focus to a final image in the eye.

Sky-Watcher Australia 5 days ago.