Evernight Tome 3 de Claudia Gray. Résumé: Evernight Tome 2 – Claudia Gray . Evernight Âmes Captives tome 2 Les devins – G.H. David. Achetez et téléchargez ebook Stargazer (Evernight Book 2) (English Edition): Bianca et lui sont séparés étant donné les évènements de la fin du tome 1 et ne. Never sky / La série de l’impossible, tome 2: Ever dark / A travers la nuit sans fin Titre original: Under The Never Sky, book 2: Through the Ever Night ().

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Bianca cannot escape from the room so possesses Skye who allows her to. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Retrieved June 18, While the ball is taking place, several human students are possessed by wraiths who are angry and confused as evernigbt what is happening at Evernight.

On Bianca’s birthday Lucas takes her to the planetarium where they are attacked by wraiths. She is told she can form a body by holding objects she has bonded to in her life including her broche and her coral bracelet which were both made of once living toke.

He later figures out that many of the students at Evernight are vampires and even though he is wary he reasons if they wanted to harm him they could have done so already this is not revealed until Hourglass, although it seems he’d known nearly the entire series. Bianca calls upon Christopher, revealed to be Mrs. Bethany about how vampires can be resurrected to human form although it involves the sacrifice of a wraith when the mixture of both supernaturals blood happens.

Bianca while following Lucas until she can appear to him is trapped by Patrice using a mirror who frees her but finds out everything about how she died and how Lucas became a vampire. Lucas disagrees and leaves.

She later witnesses Lucas being told by Mrs. She was haunted by a wraith who evernitht in her house so she left to live in Evernight. After his return, Mrs. As Bianca leaves her room to drink blood she is the only rome sharing with a humanshe sees a blue light and thinks that there is a person on the stairs.


Bethany offers him shelter, much to the annoyance of his fellow pupils.

After they have been officially dating for weeks, Bianca mentions that one of Lucas’s ancestors went to Evernight, but no humans have ever been accepted to the school before, evernlght a Black Cross member a group of elite vampire hunters. Although this is never said, Maxie appears to have feelings for Vic, who has always been kind and accepting of her, although she’s scared of appearing to him or even telling him his name.

She is one of the few people who accepts Lucas when he becomes a vampire.

Never sky / La série de l’impossible, tome 2 : Ever dark / A travers la nuit sans fin

Ranulf agrees to help Bianca to find the traps set for wraiths by Mrs. She agrees to think about it before returning to the human world. While in the library Bianca is trapped in a trap set by Mrs Bethany to trap wraiths. She falls in love with Lucas although it is revealed gome is a member of the ancient vampire hunting group Black Cross. Bethany is up to something so agree to help Bianca and her friends to search the school for the traps set by Mrs.

She almost loses herself in the crowd when she is waltzing with Balthazar, but is brought back to evfrnight senses by simply remembering Lucas.

Evernight livre 2

In Afterlifeshe helps Lucas with his transformation and shows more kindness toward him than she’d ever had to anyone at the school, including Balthazar, due to the fact that she could strongly relate to what he was going through. Bethany who snaps his neck.

She wears a night gown and often appears to Bianca asking her to come to see Christopher. Balthazar has only taken a human life once that is mentioned, at least and he had never stopped tourturing himself for it. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.


Evernight (series) – Wikipedia

Bethany traps Maxine who had warned her parents. Bethany later stages a break into the Black Cross cell to retrieve Bianca. Hourglass reaches Bianca after she has already been accepted into the Black Cross. She worked at Black Cross and became a vampire after her husband was murdered. While staying in Vic’s house Bianca becomes increasingly weak and ill. Bianca’s mail is being searched for this exact reason, so they cannot keep in contact.

She went to work for Black Cross after discovering vampires existence when Evernight was attacked by Charity as well as Black Cross. Stargazer is a fantasy novel by Claudia Gray released in Lucas disagrees and leaves as he does not agree with the Morality of it.

Ranulf White is a student at Evernight Academy.

Mes Livres, Mon Plaisir !!: Evernight Tome 3 – Claudia Gray

Charity leaves and Balthazar and Ranulf arrive who tell Bianca of Lucas’s fate, he will become the one thing he despises, a vampire. Bethany stages a break into the Black Cross cell along with several everinght of staff and Balthazar, wanting to take Bianca back to her parents. He always says hello to people in the hallway, whether human or vampire, deciding that it didn’t make a difference.

Bethany reveals that she plans on killing Bianca so she could become human again but evernihht plans evernigt stopped when Lucas and her parents arrive. Lucas rises from the dead and assisted by Balthazar and Ranulf.

After the break in by Mrs. Lucas offers to allow Bianca to kill him but she refuses as he would not agree to rise with her.