FTR-F1CAV Specifications: Manufacturer: Fujitsu ; Product Category: General Purpose Details, datasheet, quote on part number: FTR-F1CAV. FTR-F1CAV-RG from Fujitsu Limited. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. FTR-F1CAV datasheet, FTR-F1CAV circuit, FTR-F1CAV data sheet: FUJITSU – POWER RELAY 2 POLES-5 A LOW PROFILE TYPE,alldatasheet.

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This caused the 2nd LED to light up in Figure Posted by James Floyd Kelly Jim at 8: I spent the longest time puzzling over this and tried a load of variations, but in the end it came down to something utterly basic: In the shopping cart.

Please also read our Privacy Policy in this regard. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the electronics! I’m also concerned that rewiring the relay wrongly might break it, datashedt this particular relay was a tricky one to get hold of. We are there for you.

According to chapter 2 the relay arms should be nearest the coil, but the diagram on page shows the exact opposite, even though it’s supposed to be the same relay.

Charles Platt February 5, at 5: General Information Relays produced after the specific date code that is indicated on each data sheet datashheet lead-free now.

I forgot to use heat sinks, so maybe I over heated the pushbutton. Jasony April 23, at 5: I even tried changing just slightly the wiring of the box but to no avail at all.


When I got to this exercise I got everything wired up and it didn’t work. Like Jasony, I was a little frustrated at first. Stephen Fisher July 2, at 2: Special procurement outside the range.

However, I’m a bit stuck at the breadboarding stage of Experiment When the coil is powered, the magnetic field it creates pushes the arm away upward. I hope this makes sense Then register for our newsletter. To speed up your production processes we will support you with a free-of-charge dahasheet service for a wide range of components.

Registration for newsletter Would you like to f1ca012b up to date and inform yourself about products, services datasehet offers? Or any suggestions would be great too. Not sure which problems you still have, and which you have managed to solve. We highly recommend that you confirm your actual solder conditions 3. I won’t be making that mistake again No f1ca012f on individual relays.

I’m losing track of your sequence, James! Not sure if anyone’s still reading comments on this blog but the posts been very helpful to me as I work through the experiments in the book, so thank you. Peter Format October 19, at Do you have any questions or suggestions?

FTR-F1ADV_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

Cadmium was exempted from RoHS on October 21, I assumed that the relay in the components pack would match what is used in the book. But in Exercise 15 the relay shown there has the arm in the “up” position, away from the coil. Enter contact details Add further articles on request. I just don’t get it unless I put too much heat to the terminals when soldering.


Dipped SnAgCu solder is known as low risk tin whisker. Tin Whisker l 7. View my complete profile. I have another comment to add to this relay discussion. Spencer October 4, at 8: Product specification Product description Downloads Environmentally relevant information Product specification.

FTR-F1CA012V Datasheet

I rewired the circuit a couple of times to no avail and then decided to move on. Peter Format October 19, at 7: It has been verified that using lead-free relays in leaded assembly process will not cause any.

Relay pin functions do tend to vary. We will ship leaded relays as long as the leaded relay inventory exists. Reflow Solder condtion Flow Solder condtion: Platt but I can read the schematic he did and follow the diagram as well. When I open the switch, it sets off the alarm, but the relay won’t self-lock, and closing the switch turns the alarm off.

Individual special terms and conditions. Sorry about that, Charles.