*FM Headquarters. Department of the Anny. Washington. DC. 28 September INTELLIGENCE INTERROGATION. Table of Contents. Page. dures and techniques applicable to Army intelligence interrogations, applies to the psychological operations (PSYOP) contained in FM FM Intelligence Interrogation. Chapter 3. Interrogation Process. The interrogation process involves the screening and selection of sources for.

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A series of questions following a chronological sequence of events is frequently employed, but this is by no means the only logical method of asking questions. How much time is available for the interrogation?

Views Read Edit View history. The interrogator reinforces his successful approach techniques to facilitate future interrogations. Various revisions of the extended techniques were issued.

However, extended interrogation itelligence were adopted in Iraqeven though captives there were entitled to protection under the Geneva Conventions. He should organize his materials to avoid having to flip back and forth between references.

The successful application of approach techniques eventually induces the source to willingly provide accurate intelligence information to the interrogator.


Knowledge of a foreign language is necessary since interrogators work primarily with non? This enhances the interrogator’s control by allowing him to simultaneously observe the source and the interpreter. Attempt to intelligehce checkpoints. Following the submission of all reports, the interrogator evaluates the performance of his interpreter. Weapons and equipment strength. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Aids which may be used to identify units are names of units, names of commanders, home station identifications, code designations and numbers, uniforms, insignia, guidons, documents, military postal system data, and equipment and vehicle markings. Screeners should look for things like attempts to talk to the guards, intentionally joining placement in the wrong segregation group, or any signs of nervousness, anxiety, or fear.

Intleligence Geneva Conventions do not permit an interrogator to pass himself off as a medic, chaplain, or as a member of the Red Cross Intelligencee Crescent or Red Lion.

FM Intelligence Interrogation – Chapter 1

McCain did not agree. At the same time, he must avoid becoming overly friendly and losing control of the interrogation. The number “3” represents a source who does not respond to questioning. The interrogator must remain in charge throughout the interrogation.

FM Intelligence Interrogation – Wikipedia

The Army’s news release stated that Field Manual Hot and Cold Leads Leads are signs which tell an interrogator that the source has additional pertinent information that can be obtained through further questioning. The interrogator can save time by preparing receipts and document tags during the interrogatkon and preparation phase.

If so, how can this state be best exploited in the interrogation effort. Confirmation of capture data, especially the inteerrogation under which the source was captured. Method of interpretation to be used. Kntelligence a trained interrogator who lacks a foreign language skill can interrogate successfully through an interpreter, the results obtained by the linguistically proficient interrogator will be more timely and comprehensive. The use of repeated questions may develop a topic that the source had refused to talk about earlier.


FM provides information on enemy material and equipment. By knowing the current events affecting the target country, the interrogator will better understand the general situation in the target country, as well as the causes and repercussions. The interrogation process involves the screening and selection of intelligwnce for interrogation and the use of interrogation techniques and procedures.

However, if the source answers, “They all hated my guts and I couldn’t stand any of them! Armed Forces Uniforms and Insignia Through his knowledge of uniforms, insignia, decorations, and other distinctive devices, the interrogator may be able to determine the rank, branch of service, type of unit, and military experience of a military or paramilitary source. Hearsay information from others who have handled the source.

The senior interrogator uses this evaluation to update the information he has about the interpreter. Any source whose appearance or behavior indicates that he is intelligebce to talk should be noted by the screeners. SELF-CONTROL The interrogator must have an exceptional degree of self-control to avoid displays of genuine anger, irritation, sympathy, or weariness which may cause him to lose the initiative during the interrogation.