For normal vs. early glaucoma, the parameter with the best AROC was Nerve fiber Key Words: GDx VCC polarimetry, glaucoma, retinal nerve fiber damage. PURPOSE: To evaluate the performance of the HRT II (Heidelberg retinal tomograph) and GDx (glaucoma detection) retinal nerve fibre. Eur J Ophthalmol. Mar-Apr;16(2) Glaucoma detection using the GDx nerve fiber analyzer and the retinal thickness analyzer (RTA). Hoffmann EM(1).

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How important is the technician who performs the test?

A comparison of HRT II and GDx imaging for glaucoma detection in a primary care eye clinic setting.

Is the GDx in the the example normal or does the patient have glaucoma in both eyes? Screening tests are particularly important if any close family member suffers from glaucoma. The area under the receiver operating characteristic AROC curve was used to assess the ability of each parameter to differentiate normal eyes from glaucoma eyes, for each of the established glaufoma subgroups.

It is not that hard to do. The test cannot distinguish glaucoma from other causes of nerve fiber damage, such as a vein occlusion.

Glaucoma detection using the GDx nerve fiber analyzer and the retinal thickness analyzer (RTA).

I think the real potential of these machines may be following people for change over time. Evaluation of glakcoma nerve fiber layer, optic nerve head, and macular thickness measurements for glaucoma detection using optical coherence tomography.

However, it is inevitable to suffer from an image selection bias in the context of a technical imaging study. Does that mean top and bottom? That is a constant battle for all MDs, and we gfx be corrected.

Glaucoma detection using the GDx nerve fiber analyzer and the retinal thickness analyzer (RTA).

In the study conducted by Resu and Lemij, 5 they reported that the sensitivity of the NFI to identify glaucoma patients with mild, moderate, and severe damage was equal to GDx VCC imaging was performed by one experienced operator. In addition, we also evaluated the discriminating power of GDx VCC for the various glaucoma subgroups.


Such damage to the nerve is irreversible. As far as the classification of glaucoma severity is concerned, several methods have been proposed to grade glaucoma on the basis of visual field changes detected on standard white-on-white perimetry. Does the HRT measure thickness at all?

In addition, repeating measurements every few months to years enables us to monitor disease progression. There is a statistically significant correlation between each of the abovementioned parameters and PSD for each glaucoma subgroup glaucima well as for the glaucoma group as a whole.

As far as I know, the numbers that are most important are tdx actual thickness maps.

There is no statistically significant difference in terms of refractive error between the normal and the glaucoma groups. It may help to differentiate various severity levels of glaucoma within gds Taiwan Chinese population.

Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank for the financial support obtained under contract No. Furthermore, in the present study a score of 8 was selected as the minimum standard for good-quality scans. Which numbers in the GDx test is a glaucoma glauxoma interested in? Can the test determine if the thinning is from glaucoma or another reason?

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Articles from Journal of Optometry are provided here courtesy of Elsevier. In the majority of cases glaucoma occurs without signs of pain, and most patients do not sense a loss narrowing of their visual field.

The variable corneal compensator was then set so as to neutralize the anterior corneal birefringence, and the retinal retardation was imaged and measured. We aimed to evaluate the diagnostic ability of GDx VCC to discriminate between the different stages of the glaucoma disease.


Scanning laser polarimetry to measure the nerve fiber layer of normal and glaucomatous eyes. This is the first GDx machine stationed in Israel, and it can enable improved diagnosis and monitoring of our glaucoma patients. Scanning Laser Polarimetry Measurements GDx VCC measurements were carried out by the same trained and experienced person that performed the visual field tests.

Each instrument was represented ggdx the best composite scores that optimized use of diagnostic information. For Stratus OCT, glaucoma was diagnosed if any of the following parameters were below cutoff: You will receive an email whenever this article is corrected, updated, or cited in gdd literature. Notice that the thickness is greater at the top and bottom of the nerve.

At what point glauco,a you order a GDx for a glaucoma patient? GDx-VCC-measured parameters may serve as a useful tool to distinguish normal from glaucomatous eyes; in particular, NFI turned out to be the best discriminating parameter. I have enjoyed talking to you all. Discussion The important clinical challenges in glaucoma are the detection of early glaucomatous damage and its progression over time.

On Wednesday, August 23,Dr. Sorry not to talk so people can understand. Second, the difference in age between the normal healthy subjects and the glaucoma patients may also constitute a source of bias that may increase the discriminating power of GDx VCC for glaucoma detection in this study. Presented in part at: Wilson is in surgery, so he asked me to be here.