Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series) has 34 ratings and 1 review: Published April 1st by Kiseido Publishing Co, pages, Paperback. I had been wanting some more problem/tsumego books and recently picked up Get Strong at Tesuji and Life and Death problems at my. : Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series) (Beginner and Elementary Go Books) () by Richard Bozulich and a great.

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Did they just put those level estimations in there for fun? Tonydowler Dowler rated it really liked it Feb 27, Get Strong at Tesuji. Increased confidence in my ability to identify tesuji in positions that once were obscure to me.

Very good tesuji challenges for mid-level English-speaking Go players. By BenGoZen September tesujo, Alex Delogu rated it it was amazing Jul 07, It would be an exaggeration to say that most games are decided in the endgame, but for sure a great many upsets are pulled off at this stage. This book is an ideal introduction to the field of fuseki and should be studied by every beginning player. I’d love to be corrected here, since I know I a be wrong and mostly write this post to see if I am wrong.

Renewed faith in my ability to eventually go back and attempt Tesuji Problems once again. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Get Strong at Tesuji

I got it, and can do most 2 star questions, and the book says that 2 stars is in the k level. This is one of the few books in Teesuji to have a focus on timing at this skill level. On the other hand, if your opening and middle game are not so strong, the surest way to stage an upset is to become a strong endgame player. The problems ranged from 1 star easy sfrong 4 stars difficult. Anuzis rated it liked it Sep 05, Since you will, in general, want to play bigger moves before smaller ones, being able to determine the size tesyji various moves will go a long way toward increasing your endgame strength.


Max sgrong it it was amazing Oct 02, Even strong players will be able to improve their tesuji skills through the repetitive practice provided by the problems in this book.

Louis Moon stronb it it was amazing Apr 18, Especially recommended for players who have just learned the rules. In many of the standard patterns presented, small changes are made in the configuration of nearby stones and the effect on the status of the group under siege is illustrated in a series of problems. I guess I expected it to be more along the lines of the Tesuji book by Davies, but only filled with problems to solve.

After the players have mapped out their spheres of influence in the opening, invading these areas is a basic technique of the middle game. Such activity can be likened to mental weight training.

Aaron rated it it was amazing Feb 07, The last two sections of this part present a thorough analysis of the comb formation and the carpenter’s square. As far as I know, the idea of drilling these problems is to recognise shapes in certain local situations which you can turn to your advantage. Get Strong at Go 10 books. Again, this is not a criticism of the book, I just wanted to hear opinions from others who have read this book.

Problem 1, 1 star.

Book Review: Get Strong at Tesuji – BenGoZen

You will also find that the key to winning handicap games with white is not necessarily to study handicap openings and josekis, but to get strong in the endgame. The answers for those 6 problems are on the following page the left-hand pages, the even page numbers.


Gotta read this one! Answers are generally 3 tesuki 5 moves. Resuji Mercado rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Unless you’re already strong in the endgame, expect to do badly. The first time solving only the easiest problems one-star rating.

Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series)

A thorough study of the problems in this book will develop your overall sense of go strategy. Josh rated it really liked it May 21, Open Preview See a Problem?

It’s probably worthwhile to work through the problems whose answers seem vague to you. Return to Book Page. Problems have a difficulty rating to inform the players how hard the problem is.

Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of content and level of problems that this book provided. Get Strong at Attacking covers an often neglected phase of go: A number of the solutions include the proper necessary response and a preceding valuable forcing move. This often requires reading more than six moves deep and keeping a picture in your mind of the resulting positions of all variations. Here are problems systematically covering the standard invasions on the side and the corners, attacking corner enclosures, and erasing large territorial frameworks.

Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series) by Richard Bozulich

Books by Richard Bozulich. The remainder of the problems are tesujl to hammer home to the reader the basic principles of the fuseki. Daniel Smith rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Dave Whipp rated it really liked it Jun 27, This book is not yet featured on Listopia.