Page 1 of 2 – Goff Klan Roster – posted in GORKAMORKA: Hey! I’m back to hobby so I’m going to make some conversions to my new warband. The Caslon font is used for the Warhammer and Mordheim rosters; Caslon Antique – Caslon A roster for Gorkamorka (Zip – Kb) (Requires the Civic font ). Downloads and resources for Games Workshop’s main games – Warhammer and Warhammer – including the Rollcall army building app and ADF files.

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Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in an establishment populated by vampires, with chaotic results. Both Boyz struggle to hang on longer than the other one.

Goff Klan Roster

Select one of the standard skill tables for the mob and randomly generate a skill from it. For the purposes of hand to hand, the Feral Ork counts as having charged. Get hand-to-handing if you want rare and meaty gunz! No so fast but good for longer distances and when enemy get gorkamlrka close Uge Choppas would cut them down.

HWT » Downloads » “Intelligent” GorkaMorka Roster (Powered by Grots)

The other Mob has just heard this news from a sneaky Grot informer and is seizing the opportunity to attack, attempting to bash their enemies and nick all their fuel. I enjoyed the unique and varied background of the Hive Primus gangs.

Snortas are not driven off by enemy fire like Muties are. Squigz Gone Wild A Wild Squig moves D6″ in a random direction determined by scatter dice at the start of the movement phase, Due to the delicate means needed to regain control through beating, yelling and biting, the Ork is too busy to engage in ranged combat until he regains control of his squig.

If he fails, the Boar runs Amok, but the Scrap is still collected. The result is possibly one of the only War Boars on Gorkamorka with wing mirrors. Instead, roll on the following table:.


Out in the desert, many miles from the Skid, there is a grim deserted region known as Gulkartslag: Deaths of Warriors Just as with normal mobs, if a Feral Ork dies all of his equipment is lost and cannot be re-allocated to another gorkajorka see “Death of a Warrior”, page 68 of Da Uvver Book.

Goff Klan Roster – GORKAMORKA – Da WAAAGH

The gunner for Orky reasons got his hand stuck in the dakka end. He receives a S4 hit. The weapon cannot be used the next turn, but the turn after. Fickies are of course not as susceptible to learning, or progression gorlamorka any kind and so roll on the Fickie Advance Table when they level up:. Basic Tagz raw image PNG.

GorkaMorka Roster Sheets

This power has a maximum range of 10″. Abak is a special kind of Ork, packing not only brawn but brainz to match as well.

The rider suffers -1 to his Leadership when trying to control the Boar.

If a Wild Squig moves into contact with an enemy model it immediately begins the happy task of chewing on the enemy and combat will proceed as normal with the Squig Rider counting as having charged the enemy. Whenever a scenario allows the use of a vehicle, the Snortas get two warriors instead, plus any extra warriors allowed.

The Boar is so much spare ribs. You must adapt faster than the Greenflesh. In the recovery phase, the rider may make a Gorkamorkq test, and if he passes then the Boar comes back under control and may move normally from then on.

The Boyz set out across the desert to find out! Coz I want them o be slow and tough rather than fast and cunning.

This acts as a conductor for the Waaagh!!! See page 54 of Da Roolz for the statline. Or walking and talking at the same time. If only they could spell it. Step forward and be anointed… Ta-Da!! Dust Rats, like Diggas and Rebel Grots, are vulnerable to pinning when shot at. Oh, yes, the rules for them, how absent-minded of me: See special rules When he becomes a Boy, rkster Ork is no longer affected by this rule.


In the event that it was a collision, ram, rake, swipe or crash. gorkamlrka

Normally the biggest boy in the group will spend as much time yelling and cursing at them to try to keep them focussed as he does actual fighting, although this only works some of the time. Leadership Challenges In a Feral Ork mob it comes down to who is the biggest and toughest to lead, regardless of smarts, planz, or any other clever stuff. I dont have time right now to finish them. Recently, some of them have been fitted with ballistae and other weapons to be rosterr into battle to help even the odds against the much shootier but gorka,orka Orks of Mektown Or Da Shiny Camp as the Feral Orks think of it.

The important thing to remember is that no game system is perfect, especially one with as many moving parts as Gorkamorka. Skimmers for that turn. Therefore, when I tackled doing some additional rules for Gorkamorka, it seemed logical to focus on the two aspects of the game I felt were lacking; Klans and gang differentiation. The objective is of course to grab as much as possible and try to make sure the other mob bottles out empty-handed.

During buzinezz times, Abak is accompanied by his two boyz who will shake down other Orks who default on their payments and his custom Snazzgun is never far from his reach.

For a while the town grew steadily, adding a Slaverz barracks to keep the Rozter the Mek employed in line and then came the arrival of Abak Manyfingaz, one of the bizarre Sumboyz. It will be automatically repaired before the next game. Any serious injuries sustained are permanent. The following gubbinz can be found in the PDF: