“Grimly enlivens the prose while retaining its power to both frighten and engage sympathy for the monster-creator Victor Frankenstein. This is a richly morose. Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein has ratings and reviews. Gris Grimly, the New York Times bestselling artist and creator of the beloved Edgar Allan P. Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein is a graphic novel by Gris Grimly. Grimly uses captivating illustrations paired with Mary Shelley’s original text to create an experience.

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Two years passed, and they became aware of their great love for each other. There’s an afterword at the back of this book by Grimly; he talks about how ‘Frankenstein fans tend to be dishevelled, crude, rebellious and all while feeling misunderstood.

If I remember the original story correctly, the middle brother is killed as well. Extremly awesome I love him. Adult Written by klthomp33 November 7, The story was good, but I’ve no idea if it was faithful to the novel or not, having read it a loooong time ago.

Readers sophisticated enough to deal with Mary Shelley’s prose are unlikely to be upset. Or, maybe I just didn’t get it. For once, he looks like his canonical age: Since I read the actual novel albeit years ago I decided to read the graphic novel first. Such is life, and I found myself feeling more and more for this character as everything started to truly crumble around him because of his actions that had sprung from good intentions.


The people and settings all have a distinctly tilted, odd, Tim Burton-ish style or perhaps, Tim Burton has a Gris Grimly-ish style?

Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein by Gris Grimly | Adaptations Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Victor starts as an avid, enthusiastic young man desperate to make his mark on the world, much like any other young man. I thought it was interesting that Grimly chose to focus on Dr. Just like Shelley’s novel, the graphic novel starts off with Walton’s four letters. Henry is positive and optimistic and innocent, so Gris Grimly chose to dress him in flamboyant oranges and reds. Nov 11, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: I found this to be an enjoyable interpretation of Mary Shelley’s original work.

Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein

His bright red coat is the only bright color used. Thankfully, the monster was nowhere to be seen. Victor launched an experiment to connect the body parts together and revive them to appear as hideous monsters.

I really enjoyed Gris Grimly’s version of Frankenstein, although without the grumly, I’m positive it would’ve gotten 2 or 3 stars from me.

Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein Book Review

For the month of October, I am doing a Day Reading challenge and using this month to catch up on my Horror novel challenge.

Maybe Mary Shelley’s writing style appeals to me more than Bram Stoker’s. Anyone who has read, or attempted to read Frankenstein in the original text knows that it is one of the most challenging and re-adapted works, both in book form and film.

She was to descriptive for my tastes and it took to long to get to the meat and potatoes of the story. And things are ugly.


The graphic novel contains nearly pages of illustrations stitched together with Shelley’s words. Opening the iTunes Store. And when I saw the Horror novel reading challenge this was one of the first books to make the list.

Volume Two focuses primarily on the Creature. The professor of natural philosophy invited him to one of the lectures that another professor at this college, M. It had a sort of steampunk vibe to it, what with the gears and pipes and rusty-colored cars.

I was also able to read it reasonably easily. Some pages are very text-heavy, while others, including the monster’s account of his dealings with the outside world feature a series of nearly wordless panels. Add your rating See all 1 kid review. I’m excited to go on to read the novel in its entirety now. The only time this frxnkenstein image departs is toward the end, when he has been through so much and is wasting away.

Perhaps the most touching sections come during his time observing yris De Lacey family. I thought the color scheme worked well with the tone of the story. The language is a bit h I really enjoyed this version of Frankenstein.