Counterpoint has 5 ratings and 0 reviews: Published June 1st by Schirmer Books, Hardcover. Heinrich Schenker. Counterpoint. Translated by John. Rothgeb and Jiirgen Thym . Edited by John Rothgeb. 2 vols. New York: Schirmer Books, Reviewed. COUNTERPOINT. A Translation of Kontrapuikr by. Heinrich Schenker. THANALAIDEHITY. JOIN ROTTICI. AND TOEGUN THYM. Schenker. TOLEDOJ HY JOHN.

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Diary entry by Schenker for 1 January Dahms thanks Schenker for his advice on ueinrich next stage of instruction. Diary entry by Schenker for 25 August Diary entry by Schenker for 11 March Diary entry by Schenker for 30 October Proofing began in late October and continued, with interpolation of preliminary matter and supplementary material, until Augustthe work being published on Scnenker 4, Cotta hopes for the manuscript of Kontrapunkt [I] soon, and asserts that the same terms of contract will apply as those heinich Harmonielehre.

The Principles [ edit ] The principles of strict counterpoint constitute one cshenker the fundamental components of Schenker’s musical theory see Schenkerian analysis.

When Schenker submitted the remaining material, and when proofing took place, are unclear. Views Read Edit View history. Gabby Chu marked it as to-read Jun 26, The subject matter of the work is species counterpoint.

Refresh and try again. Diary entry by Schenker for 13 March CA 85 Handwritten letter from Schenker scehnker Cotta, dated October 8, Schenker proposed that Kontrapunkt be divided into two half-volumes. Schenker thus views the rules of strict counterpoint as basic structures underlying the complex voice-leading patterns of free composition, and not necessarily as models to be literally imitated on the actual musical surface.


Diary entry by Schenker for 24 March Thanks for telling us about the problem. August 5, Weisse apologizes for not having written for a long time.

Schenker Documents Online: Kontrapunkt

He wrote to Halm, who confirmed what Schenker had said. As in his other works, Schenker is highly critical in Counterpoint of many of his theoretical predecessors, and of pedagogical methods then and still prevalent.

Book I is concerned with the construction of the conterpoint firmus and the rules of counterpoint in two voices, also referred to as “strict counterpoint”; Book II treats the cases of three- and four-voice counterpoint.

Book 1 by Heinrich Schenker.

Preview — Counterpoint by Heinrich Schenker. Ebony Khadija marked it as to-read Nov 23, Diary entry by Schenker for 22 August Published June 1st by Schirmer Books first published Volume II of Schenker’s series of theoretical works entitled Neue Musikalische Theorien und Phantasien New Musical Theories and Fantasiesoriginally intended as a single volume, but ultimately split into two half-volumes, the first, subtitled Cantus Firmus and Two-voice Counterpointpublished by J.

I will not neglect, before the publication of my Psychology of Counterpointand schenkre reinforce and put into practice the present Theory of Harmonyto publish a supplementary text entitled “The Decline of the Art of Composition—a Technical-critical Inquiry. Diary entry by Schenker for 7 November The German original is available counterpoinr https: Schenker thus follows the model of Fux in presenting all of the species in turn before adding additional voices. Diary entry by Schenker for 6 March Diary entry by Schenker for 17 February Diary entry by Schenker for 13 December Diary entry by Schenker for 3 December Bruckner’s stumbling block was form.

Schenker promises a list of people in German to receive complimentary copies of Ornamentik, and a new proposal.


The Niedergang der Kompositionskunst Decline of the Art of Composition was never published, and Schenker dropped the “Psychology of” from his title. Schenker promises Counterpoint soon and speculates on publication by Christmas; — Asks for a copy of Harmonielehre to be sent to his sister Sophie. Publication History Preparation of Kontrapunkt is recorded in Schenker’s diary from at least August He also expresses uncertainty about whether to accept an honor from the Academy of Arts and Science in Vienna.

Counterpoint (Schenker)

Diary entry by Schenker for 3 April Diary entry by Schenker for 30 August Diary entry by Schenker for 7 August CA 79 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Cotta, dated June 5, Schenker gives permission to divulge his name as author of Harmonielehre to Breithaupt. Schenker writes of the deteriorating intellectual conditions in Germany and Austria with respect to other nations, and of the devastating political and psychological consequences. Halm reports that he heinrixh moved from Esslingen to Wickersdorf, and that his Concerto for Large Orchestra has been performed by Fritz Busch in Stuttgart, and comments on Cotta’s hand-over of Kontrapunkt.

Schenker explains the necessity for some late interpolations into Kontrapunkt I.

Schenker expects the press to be enthusiastic about Harmonielehre. It ciunterpoint divided into two “Books”, the first published inand the second in Miriam marked it as to-read Jul 01, Responding to Grunsky’s request, Schenker gives his assessment of Bruckner’s music.