FILAMENT POSITIVE SWITCH NO 1. DFILAMENT NEGATIVE SWITCH NO 2. GRIO SWITCH NO 3. SA LIFE. FRONT. SECTIONS. TRUL. REAR. SECTIONS. Download HICKOK A TUBE TESTER LATE SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts. accuracy. This test data is for Hickok A, A and A testers only. This document consolidates all Hickok AAA tube data that I have seen.

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Nov Fri 13, Manual is 74 pages long. I haven’t purchased a manual for my A because I figured there was no information in it which is not provided in the A manual.

Antique Radio Forums • View topic – Hickok A Operation Manual

Appears to be in great shape and working. I have been unable to find a down-loadable manual for the A also. It is used and in good shape with light wear. Vance, I got it!

Nov Sat 14, 3: Hopefully I can do my part in keeping these old circuits alive and pass it down to my son. The A manual is available for purchase from various sources including some on Ebay. The biggest issue is that the power cord’s insulation is starting to crack in places, and also the plate cap adapter cable is brittle and cracking. It may need cleaning and lubrication.


Check operation of all switches and tube sockets, clean and tighten as required. Chris, Prutser, upsss, wazz and 8 guests.

Calibration and Testing of the Hickok Model 600/600A Tube Testers

Hi Vance, I could use that A manual if you can put it back up on the site for a bit. Nov Sat 14, 1: Last edited by Vance King on Nov Sat 14, 1: Most of the physical wear on this tester occurs on t Thank you Vance, I was looking for one also. Provide a checklist and instruct Awesome scanning job and I can’t say thank you enough!

The one I have was my dad’s. I was mainly looking for just the basic operating instructions because this is my first Hickok and I’m not totally familiar with all of the switches and settings yet.

Skip to main content. I bought a large lot of 1 volt radio tubes from a radio amateur’s estate sale and am testing them and passing them along to you very cheap! Nov Sat 14, 4: I didn’t know if any of them would work with the A or not and I didn’t really want to pay for something if I didn’t need it. Nov Sat 14, 8: I took it down from the site. Nov Fri 13, 2: Nov Fri 13, 7: If anyone else needs it, let me know and I’ll put it back up. Also shop in Also shop in.


I got it too. Surely someone has scanned and saved one somewhere! Users browsing this forum: Browse Related Browse Related. Hickok Hickok A Hickok A. Up for sale here is this complete pushbutton switch set from a Hickok A tube tester.

No button cover knobs are included. Previous topic Next topic.