Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Technical Data Manual. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2 year warranty. Our staff have extensive backgrounds in T&M, totalling over OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL PART NUMBER Instruments Covered by this Manual. HP Model A Signal Generator with .

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Hewlett-Packard B Signal Generator

Select the Audio Distortion measurement on the measuringreceiver for a I kHz audio signal to measure the distortion. Increase C15’s value if spurs are present at half the fundamental frequency from MHz. Set the digital multimeter as follows; Function Vdc Range mV 2.

Use the [ recall! Indications The selected set-up is displayed as long as the last Data key remains pressed and will remain for 1 second after the second Data key is released.

You will always return to this menu when you exit the selected function. Total time required for simple amplitude inputs or changes, that is, minimal software and hardware execution time is 40 to 50 ms. Set the spectrum analyzer as foflows: Level Flatness kHz to 865b Directions for Recalling a Sequence 1.

Frequency Amplitude Modulation 65 MHz. Distortion is verified by measuring the demodulated output from the measuring receiver with a distortion analyzer. Repeat step 8665b and 2 until all the set-ups are saved. The input impedance is set to high impedance when the HP B is shipped.

Pulse Modulation Fast Mode Calibration. Select pad values for —8 dBm to mixer. With Optiona 10 MHz crystal reference is available for increased accuracy and stability. The prefix is the same for all identical instruments.

  AKG C4000B PDF

Example Set a carrier frequency increment of I MHz. Provides information to allow you to use the feature or function. If the Signal Generator is being returned to Hewlett- Packard for servicing, attach a tag indicating the type of service required, return address, model number, and full serial number. The bus is free, however, for communication between controller and other equipment.

If necessary, Adjust the amplitude and offset of the function generator until the swept IF signal displayed on the spectrum analyzer starts just at MHz and stops just at MHz. It is assumed that the Signal Generator is able to both handshake and recognize its own address. Set the amplitude of the RF signal source to the same level on the spectrum analyzer as set in step To minimize the effects of variety in frequency switching times especially near the frequency band edgesswitch to the desired frequency from the same direction each time, that is, from either above or below the desired frequency.

General purpose bench use, b.

Then press a Function key, the desired Data keys, and the valid Units key. Increment the HP mqnual down to 99 MHz. The values are suitable for any Signal Generator unless otherwise stated in the table. The Rise and Fall Time should be within the limits shown in the Table.

Exceeding this limit may cause damage to the Signal Generator.

HP 8656B Manuals

Example Recall the front-panel set-up saved in memory location TThe error code remains displayed until any front panel key is pressed. Table is an index in functional order to the detailed operating instructions.

Tune the frequency of the spectrum analyzer for maximum level on the display. Set the spectrum analyzer as follows; Center Frequency Frequency Span. O iV at MHz 6. Digits that exceed the maximum data length for the particular function will be manaul. SSB phase noise of the HP B is measured by mixing the RF output of the Signal Generator and a Reference Signal in a double balanced mixer to eliminate the carrier and translate the noise spectrum to a low frequency where it can be viewed on a spectrum analyser.


Data messages contain the program codes that control the Signal Generator output signal. Then the amplitude of the reflected signal from the RF source is set to 8656v equal level with the Device Under Mqnual port shorted.

Clear Message This check determines whether or not the Signal Generator properly responds to the Qear manial.

8656B Synthesized Signal Generator, 0.1 to 990 MHz

The HP B weighs 20,5 kg 45 lb. Connect the digital multimeter to pin 6 of A6 U In all instances, measures must be taken to prevent static charge build-up on work surfaces and persons handling the devices.

It is assumed that the Signal Generator is in local operation and that it can properly handshake on the bus. Unsolder the end of the selection link and resolder it in the appropriate position for the time base output or the external time base signal you require. Use Manuall Modulation Fast Mode for: In this case, register 10 would be recalled. Set the function generator as follows: NOTE If the performance tests are to be considered valid, the following conditions must be met: