Fujitsu’s LifeBook Uan ultrasmall convertible tablet and laptop–is a pound, palm-size Windows Vista system whose lilliputian. Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced the availability of the palm-sized LifeBook(R) U mini convertible notebook. The Fujitsu LifeBook U mini notebook is part of the second wave of UMPCs running on Intel’s new energy-efficient Ultra Mobile Platform.

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Multitasking is not the U’s forte, as even downloading Windows updates in the background often maxes out the system, but since it wasn’t designed for that purpose, I have no qualms about performance.

Rugged PC – Rugged Tablet PCs: Fujitsu U Series

Even though this is evident from some of the numbers, I should still mention that my U has not tweaked or otherwise optimized and that the unit’s 16 start-up items include Windows Sidebar and an anti-virus application. Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook U Serie. Battery Life The U ships with a rechargeable 4-cell lithium ion battery mAh rated at up to 5.

The market for j810 U Series will therefore be those who cherish being able to carry a full Vista computer with a keyboard, one that weighs barely more than a pound, can last almost all day on a charge of its extended battery, and can easily be i810 to a big screen and full-size keyboard for office work.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Actual runtime depends on screen brightness levels, usage, power settings, and other factors, but I’d say the U puts hfml a good 4. Screen orientation can be rotated a full degrees.

Benchmarks If absolute objectivity is what you’re after, here are h810 U’s CrystalMark numbers followed by the Windows Experience Index scores. It’s not much for such a tightly packed techno-marvel, but a good bunch more than one of today’s economy notebooks with infinitely more power and features. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

To that end, it works as advertised providing users with enough power to handle office htmo in a convertible notebook. There are several thoughtful elements present that bring innovation to an otherwise familiar design more on this laterbut in general, the U looks exactly like a typical laptop or tablet PC, just in miniature form.


The U is a solid little tablet. That means a rather tiny screen but decent resolution. Sporting a versatile design, intuitive controls, best-in-class keyboard, and outstanding battery life, it was well received by mobile tech enthusiasts u180 the star of many favorable reviews.

In essence, the Lifebook U is a micro PC that can also be used as a tablet in a way similar to how current Tablet PC convertible notebooks can be used either as standard notebooks or as tablets by rotating to display and folding it down flat onto the keyboard with the LCD facing up.

It was a significant occasion not only because it marked Fujitsu’s entrance into the handheld PC market, but also because the Vista-based unit lacked two of the most highly criticized characteristics of previous devices: Knowing, for example, that the Samsung Q1P takes 12 seconds to awaken from standby is infinitely more valuable to me than that it decompresses a file at a rate of Between this, the fingerprint sensor, a BIOS password, a hard disk password, Windows login, and the ability to disable the USB port or any other recordable media, the U Series seems adequately protected.

Most of you know I’m not a power user or multitasker anyway; right now, for example, all I have open on my Sony Vaio TZ are Firefox I’m writing this online, logged into my host account and Adobe Reader I always keep the product manual open. The mini-keyboard has a little flex, which reminded me of the LifeBook T Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. Instead, it is exactly what it sets out to be: On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper.

Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook U Serie –

And though a bit small, using it while set on your lap is pretty comfy too. It has a nice array of features including one USB 2.

This leaves more than enough room for the Vista-A combo to do their thing without making much of an impact on my work. The mini-keyboard has a little flex, which reminded me of the LifeBook T They’re nicely sized, easy to press, and well positioned.

It flips automatically when swiveling the screen clockwise direction only to convert the notebook into a slate but can also be adjusted manually to suit personal preferences. More posts by Jenn Subscribe to Jenn’s posts. Navigation is either via manipulation of the resistant-membrane touchscreen, or via a stick point located on the upper left of the keyboard.


We’ve always liked UMPCs in theory–shrinking a laptop down in size to something you can almost pocket–but these systems, htmp the OQO model 02 and the Sony VAIO UX, shed so much usability and so many features u801 the way that they are more like souped-up smart phones than actual computers.

Fujitsu Announces Availability of the LifeBook U810 Mini Convertible Notebook

The little Fujitsu LifeBook U may weigh just 0. With the extended battery installed, the little clamshell tips the scales at 1.

The keyboard is given its own section below, so let’s skip over it and explore the rest of the U’s hardware. At the time of this writing, currently available and upcoming options include built-in WWANsolid state disksoperating systems, colors, and HDD size.

A VGA webcam and microphone are built into the top.

I don’t do a whole of benchmarking around here, so there isn’t much to compare the figures with except for my Vaio TZ benchmarks and, to a lesser extent, the Vaio UXP vs. My main complaint about the display is that it’s incredibly reflective. On the technology and specification side, things look pretty good. This tiny tablet is amazing. Hgml Tests I’ve also said before that time is more important to me than benchmarks.

I’ve mentioned time and again that benchmarks and technical data aren’t my cup of tea it’s even in my FAQso as I u180 say when I post bits like this, I’ll leave the analysis up to the experts. But if you htmo more power than you can get with a PDA or smartphone but can’t htlm the idea of carrying a full-sized notebook, the Fujitsu could be exactly the mobile computer you need. Pressing Fn once enables the secondary functions of the other buttons; pressing it twice launches the Fujitsu Menu Utility, which allows quick access to system settings.

From a design standpoint, the 1.