Egyptian Henbane learn more about names for this taxon Hyoscyamus muticus Trusted Image of Hyoscyamus muticus; Map of Hyoscyamus muticus. Expert(s). Expert: Notes: Reference for: Other Source(s). Source: Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), – , database (version ). Conjugation of reduced glutathione to a wide number of exogenous and endogenous hydrophobic electrophiles.

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The wild plants are used in traditional local medicine. Hyoscyamus muticuscommonly known as Egyptian henbane, is native to Sub-Saharan Africa from Mauritania to Sudan and is also found in Saudi Arabia and the eastern Mediterranean.

Furthermore, this study reports on the DNA ploidy level of plantlets treated with colchicine using flow cytometry and finally on finding reliable morphological markers to identify putative tetraploids in these species. The first visible effect of colchicines was the delayed growth of treated plantlets. In root samples, the proportion of G 1 and G 2 nuclei were nearly hyoscya,us and had higher debris, while in leaf and stem, the proportion of G 2 nuclei was higer than those of G 1 nuclei and had a small amount of debris.

Flow hyoscyammus was also individually performed for stems and roots in few diploid plants. As for this day, no reports of a relationship between stomata chloroplast number and ploidy level in Egyptian henbane have been made.

In this experiment, the most of treated plantlets hyoscyzmus affected by the time of exposure and the concentration of hyosfyamus colchicine and therefore, there were only two diploid plants after treatment. Kinetic stabilizationof microtubule dynamics at steady state by tau and microtubule binding domain of tau.

The information provided in this study may be helpful in genome research as well as in study of the relationship between DNA content, plant physiology and ecology. This study was conducted for two yearsin the agricultural research glasshouse at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad-Iran. Thus, the measurement of alkaloids and its possible raising should be considered in polyploidy induction.


Therefore, if seeds are required for multiplication, it is possible to search those genotypes with high fertility as reported by Lavania Also, no 8n nuclei peak in the flow cytometry histogram of control root samples was observed, whereas leaf muticjs stem samples of this plants, in some cases showed a small percentage of 8n nuclei peaks.

Endopolyploidy in diploid and tetraploid maize Zea mays L.

Tetraploid Induction of Hyoscyamus muticus L. using Colchicine Treatment

In grade 3, the situation is completely opposite and so, they are most similar to tetraploid plants. Cell-cycle regulation of hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein HRGPnt3 gene expression during the initiation of lateral root meristems.

A common model for explaining changes, originating from tetraploid induction, relies on the assumption that the lower ratio of nuclear membrane to chromatin the volume of tetraploid cells is typically about double and their surface area is about 1. A further objective of the present study is to produce raw material for future study on different ploidy levels in transgenic hairy root culture of this species.

Hyoscyamus muticus

Using colchicines for ploidy level change. For this reason, stability analysis by flow cytometry was conducted in C 1 and C 2 generations. Egyptian henbane is a perennial herb or shrub with a height of up to 1.

For this purpose, three plantlets were chosen from both the diploid control and tetraploid groups. The leaves may also be applied as a poultice to relieve pain.

The epidermic cells of tetraploids as shown in Fig. In grade 1, the number of diploid nuclei is more than tetraploids, whereas in grade 2, the number is equal. Flow cytometry is a rapid and exact method for estimating nuclear DNA content Galbraith et al. In vitro induction of tetraploids in colchicine-treated cocoyam plantlets. Visual observations also indicated strong correlation between increased polyploidy level and bigger vegetative organs, for those plantlets grown in greenhouse.

Measurement of few morphological characteristics: The synthetic production of these alkaloids is more expensive than their extraction from plant materials and they are, therefore, currently industrially extracted from various Solanaceous plants belonging to the genera AtropaDuboisiaDatura and Hyoscyamus.


It has been reported that the tetraploid plant, Hyoscyamus muticushad nearly muficus. Afterwards pre-germinated seeds with newly emerged radicles were transferred to small muyicus containing vermiculite-perlite-peat mixture.

Solid, stable autotetraploids as well as mixoploids were produced by treating Egyptian henbane plantlets with colchicine. Muticcus alkaloids, especially hyoscyamin and scopolamine, are widely used in medicine for their mydriatic, antispasmodic, anticholinergic, analgesic and sedative properties Zehra et al. Flow cytometric profiles of colchicine-treated plants: Effects of double haploid production in wheat.

Plant material and polyploidy induction: Plant Cell Tissue Miticus Cult. This is actually a genetic effect which can be seen in all organs, such as seeds, flowers, leaves and shoot.

Wet and dry weight was increased by tetraploid induction Table 1as kuticus. Where appropriate, statistical analysis was performed using student t-test for morphological and biomass comparison between tetraploid and diploid types control. Diploid seeds of Egyptian henbane Hyoscyamus muticuswhich were imported from Finland were used as a source for polyploidy induction.

The body size of diploids and tetraploids were significantly different, tetraploids being stronger than diploids one Fig. Morphological differences between diploid and tetraploid Egyptian henbane: When released slowly, scopolamine reduces the nausea of motion sickness or post-operative recovery.

These characteristics included visual comparison of plant body size, leaf, flower and seed size. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hyoscyamus muticus. According to the classification of Koutoulis et al. It was hyoscymus found that all of the peak values were nearly twice that of the diploid control, indicating the stability of tetraploids. The lower leaves are broad, while the upper hoscyamus are narrower. Since, the plant meristem consists of many cells, as well as obtaining tetraploids, it is possible to obtain mixoploids chimeras consisting of diploid and tetraploid tissue after colchicine hyosctamus Koutoulis et al.