Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) is a type of thrombocytopenic purpura defined as isolated low platelet count (thrombocytopenia) with normal bone marrow and. Amaç: İdiopatik trombositopenik purpura (ITP); trombositopenî, trombosit ömründe kısalma, plazmada anti-trombosit antikorların varlığı ve kemik iliğinde. Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is a bleeding disorder in which the immune system destroys platelets, which are necessary for normal.

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The body destroys the platelets that carry the antibodies. Urea breath testing and stool antigen testing perform better than serology -based tests; moreover, serology may be false-positive after treatment with IVIG.

There is increasing use of immunosuppressants such as mycophenolate mofetil and azathioprine because of their effectiveness. It should be limited in duration unless demonstrated that symptomatic thrombocytopenia persists. Initial treatment usually consists of the administration of corticosteroidsiduopatik group of medications that suppress the immune kdiopatik.

Эdiopatik Trombosltopenlk Purpura Tedavisinde Antt-D []

We present a case report on ITP with clinical presentation, diagnosis and management. Platelet Disorders Read more. A bone marrow aspiration or biopsy may also be done. An analysis for anti-platelet antibodies is a matter of clinician’s preference, as idiopztik is disagreement on whether the 80 percent specificity of this test is sufficient to be clinically useful.

Platelet transfusion is not normally recommended and is usually unsuccessful in raising a patient’s platelet count. Hemolytic disease of the newborn. Pertinent investigations were advised to the patient. Intravenous immunoglobulin IVIg may be infused in some cases in order to decrease the rate at which macrophages consume antibody -tagged platelets. Treatment recommendations sometimes differ for adult and pediatric ITP.


This is because the underlying autoimmune mechanism that destroyed the patient’s platelets to begin with will also destroy donor platelets. Corticosteroids, typically prednisone, are the backbone of the initial treatment.

Dapsone for chronic autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura: Secondary causes could be purpurz, medications e. Although most cases are asymptomatic, very low platelet counts can lead to a bleeding diathesis and purpura. Chronic immune thrombocytopenia persists longer than six months with a specific cause being unknown.

Then, secondary causes 5—10 percent of suspected ITP cases should be excluded. Based on the clinical findings, provisional diagnosis was made as ITP.

No lab test can reliably predict if idoipatik thrombocytopenia will occur. The antibodies attach to the platelets. Initial clinical trials show it to be effective in chronic ITP. Bleeding time is usually prolonged. If the disease does not get better with prednisone, other treatments may include: There is no specific treatment for ITP. Uncommon findings are gastrointestinal GI bleeding, gross hematuria and idiopwtik hemorrhage.

This is because the underlying autoimmune mechanism that is destroying the patient’s platelets will also destroy donor platelets, and so platelet transfusions are not considered a long-term treatment option. A report of 66 cases. In this, they differ from putpura previously discussed agents that act by attempting to curtail platelet destruction. Two distinct clinical syndromes manifest as an acute condition in children and a chronic condition in adults.


Journal List Contemp Clin Dent v. Other biochemical examinations, liver function tests, and ultrasonography of abdomen were normal.

Patient was admitted in Hematology Ward, Government General Hospital, Chennai on and treatment was started as described below: Durable idiopatikk following splenectomy is achieved in 75 percent of ITP cases. Bleeding time from minor lacerations or abrasions is usually prolonged.

The decision to treat ITP is based on the platelet count, degree of bleeding, and patient’s lifestyle. At least 70 percent of childhood cases will end up in remission within six months, even without treatment.

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Patient was also the known case of ischemic heart disease for past 7 years. Splenectomy is sometimes undertaken, as platelets targeted for destruction will often meet their fate in the spleen.

As most causes appear to be related to antibodies against platelets, it is also known as immune thrombocytopenic purpura. The major goal for treatment of ITP is to provide a safe platelet count to prevent major bleeding and avoid unnecessary treatment of asymptomatic patients with mild to moderate thrombocytopenia. Retrieved October 16, Systemic lupus erythematosus Subacute bacterial endocarditis Rheumatoid purpurx.

There is no accepted platelet count that defines an indication for initial treatment. Our case was abrupt and acute in onset. Semple JW, Freedman J.